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Pakistan, Northwoods & American Oil Empire

General Mahmoud AhmadSince 2001, we have all been exposed to the ever growing mass of evidence indicating a major conspiracy theory surrounding the events of 9/11. I have heard far too many, read many and even ended up believing a few, but the fact remains that whosoever orchestrated that event simply served us right into the hands of the United States and left the entire world at the behest of an American hegemony.

I share with you an online video which caught my eye today, it sheds light on a few important issues. The discussion starts off with talks about a suspected link between Mohd Atta and General Mahmoud Ahmad which has been reported that Gen Ahmed made a wire transfer to the tune of $100,000 to Atta just before 9/11 and the other surprising coincidence was the fact the General Mahmoud Ahmad was wining and dining with the American Leadership on an official visit to Washington from 4th – 13th Sept 2001.

The video later talks about the Operation Northwoods which proves that US government will easily permit the killing of a large number of its own people, just so that it can become a breaking news and impact a favorable change of opinion.

Lastly they discuss the importance of the Americans conquering the Middle East oil for their own survival. Honestly over the past 20 years Americans have strategically placed themselves on top of each oil field and are blood sucking at their own behest

Its a ten minute video which is worth listening, no need to believe every word of it, but it should be used as yet another piece of information in the massive jigsaw puzzle which seems to have no solution.