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White Phosphorus used in Operation Silence

White Phosphorus used at Lal MasjidOn 12th July, AAJ Tv boradcasted a program of Live with Talat in which Talat Hussain visited Jamia Hafsa. While touring the bullet ridden compound a number of military personal hovered around, at a certain point Talat Hussain asked an accompanying Army personal about all the evidence of smoke around the area asking, “Why is there so much smoke?”, the solider replied “WP”, Talat put another question “Please explain WP?”, the solider answered “White Phosphorus.”

White Phosphorus is a flare / smoke producing incendiary weapon which is also used as an offensive Anti-Personnel flame compound capable of causing serious burns or death. White phosphorus weapons are controversial today because of its potential use against humans, for whom one-tenth of a gram is a deadly dose and according to the Geneva Convention which was later amended by the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons signed into effect in 1997, expressively prohibits the use against civilians. White Phosphorus weapons have been used in the recent past by Israel in Lebanon and US and UK in Iraq, but probably the first time ever by a an army against its own people

Fallujah VictimArticle 1 of Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (Wikipedia) defines an incendiary weapon as ‘any weapon or munition which is primarily designed to set fire to objects or to cause burn injury to persons through the action of flame, heat, or combination thereof, produced by a chemical reaction of a substance delivered on the target’. The same protocol also prohibits the use of incendiary weapons against civilians or in civilian areas. However, the use against military targets outside civilian areas is not explicitly banned by any treaty.

There continues to be a strong debate on how Musharraf should have handled this situation, but what surprises me is the inhumanity of this attack, dexterity of the assault should have meant targeted exchange of fire maybe an occasional rubber bullet to pacify the milder militants, but the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons, by the National Army against its own people. Is jaw dropping serious, its akin to the mass murder which happened in Karachi on May 12th when the Army headed off to the barracks leaving the city at the hands of ruthless killers for six hours..

To understand the gravity of the situation one has only to look at these two images of burnt bodies the sight is excruciatingly painful, when the Americans used White Phosphorous on the victims in Fallujah back in April 2004.

If you look at the top most image which appeared in Dawn on 13th July (link) one sees the classic signs of a high intensity flame, which reached astounding temperatures to melt the steel framework of ceiling fans, one must also noted that the public was not shown the remains of numerous people killed in the disaster and quickly buried them in concealed wooden coffins the next day.

I am shocked and stunned at what has just happened, it should be enough for the world to wake up and ask for an unconditional removal of the dictator


  • Muslim Pakistani |

    Islam is a religion which talks about peace and sacrifice. Lets consider Musharraf and his allies non Muslims for time being, and they for sure wanted to use any means to flush these people out of mosque. Now lets come to those who were inside calling them selves Muslims, a leaders, mujahideen etc etc etc…now if they were true Muslims, they would never had shown their stubborn behaviors, only Molana Ghazi and his brother among other several foreigners were required, and they should have handed over them selves to government to make sure the safty of kids, girls and other innocent people inside, but they didn’t…and kept telling students, they must stay and fight…they will go to Jannah etc etc. This is not ture, there are prophecies about Qiyamah, which says, there will be a time coming, where Muslim brother will kill his Muslim brother and both would not know why they are killing and why they being killed.

    These so called Muslim scholars like Molana Ghazi and his brother, are responsible for the death of people inside. They being true Muslims should have sacrificed their lives and set examples of Muslims living 1400years ago, but they didn’t. these people are reasons for suicide bombing in Pakistan in mosques, holy shrines, market places, schools, etc. These so called Muslims scholars and leaders are stopping out sisters, daughter to go to school. They are the one who are actually helping India, Israel, USA and other enemies of Islam and Pakistan to destroy us. They are actual reason of Islam being hated by on non-Muslims. They think their Emaans are stronger then any common Muslim Pakistani living in Pakistan. I challenge them they can’t compare them selves with a person selling vegetables on cart from early morning till evening to earn hallal for his kids.

    These people should be killed even using nuclear weapons…phosphorus is a small weapon.