Busharraf meets Bhutto

Benazir and Musharraf cartoonIts interesting to see how circumstances change one persons destiny, a few months back Musharraf could has easily sat on top of his throne snap his fingers and practically anyone in the country would rock to his attention, including the tranche of self exiled leaders Benazir and Nawaz. Its now a question of, who has a better set of cards to deal out, and at the present Benazir holds the trump card and has asked Musharraf too do a Bhangra dance at her door step in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

In the recent past Musharraf has taken numerous political setbacks, severely denting his public image and eroding his supreme reign of power. Despite the apparent downward trend in his public support he continues to feel indispensable to the nation and feels that he should be allowed to serve the country for another five years. His only salvation is to make a crooked deal with one of the tired and tested corrupt leaders of Pakistan.

Its quite embarrassing to see that the Pakistani people are being deliberately herded over into the pig pen of Benazir just so that ‘one’ person can continue his reign over the country while the rest of the 160 million people can go to hell. Every citizen in Pakistan can testify to the fact that Benazir is a proven corrupt leader and has shamelessly looted the country without remorse and wants to do it yet again. As they often say Once a theft always a theft, she simply cant be trusted to protest a Rs. 100 note let alone hand her the bank keys of our national wealth, yet the power-to-be fell this is the only way out. Her corrupt style in her first tenure could have been a mistake but second time proves that old habits dies hard, but handing the bank keys for the third time is stupidity in its finest forms

The political grapevine coming through from a confirmed source in the US say that the White House has presented Musharraf with only TWO options.

  1. Negotiate a deal with Benazir Bhutto, who has in turn promised to play along with the instructions issued by the American leadership promising to assist them at all levels if she were to be elected into power
  2. If nothing works out, Musharraf is allowed to enforce a State of Emergency in the country, and the White House will support the move, by not offering much of a resistance

These are the only two options available to Musharraf, available only in the specific order as presented, hence according to the orders of the White House Musharraf proceeded to Abu Dhabi in an attempt to talk to Benazir to reach a negotiated deal. Yesterday’s reports from Abu Dhabi suggest that the meeting lasted for an hour but nothing transpired and disagreement about Musharraf’s elevation as President remained the pinching thorn. Benazir without doubt wants another chance to sit on the pot of gold and naturally she will compromise all principles for just another nibble at the chocolate cake, a deal will definitely be reached and in turn we will all have mock elections just to rubber stamp the assembly into power.

Its surprising that in all this reeling and dealing there is no mention of ‘Whats best for Pakistan’ its only a question of unashamed greed and power, the people of Pakistan sadly have never figured in any occasion. Where is the sense of Patriotism, where are the great leaders who adhere to high set principles. The breed of great leaders do exists, take the example of Tony Blair when he quit from his premiership, the world knew his time was up but he gracefully took the exit and instantly the negative public support spun around to be in his favor. An example of a great leader leaving a position of power can be seen very recently in India when Mr. Abdul Kalam was replaced by Pratibha Patil, no bloodshed, no spluttering of profanity, just a simple handshake, cup of tea and Mr. Abdul Kalam steps out of office with two suitcases in hand. Is that too difficult to ask one of our own leaders to do, simply walk away leaving the the country at the hands of able hard working leaders, which I assure you will not be too difficult to find if we look hard enough.

The entire nation is screaming for a change, change not only from the present rulers, but also from the tired and tested rulers of the past. But the bottom line is enough is enough, please for gods sake not Benazir Again !!!!!


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  1. nota Avatar

    An interesting insight into the American view is offered by Peter Beinart (a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations) in Time:

    One of the biggest challenges facing U.S. foreign policy today is how to make Pakistan’s military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, the best dictator he can be. That may sound like a dishonorable goal.

    The U.S. can’t sideline Musharraf, but we have some influence over how he rules.

    Musharraf’s five-year term as President, given him by the Parliament whose election he rigged, is ending.

    Musharraf would have to cede some power, probably by resigning his powerful post as head of the army, but could remain President while Bhutto becomes Prime Minister. He could then afford to hold free elections, since an alliance with Bhutto would give him real support in Parliament.

    In the best-case scenario, Pakistan would gradually become more like Turkey, whose powerful military meddles in politics but so far has tolerated the emergence of a moderately Islamic but fairly liberal ruling party, re-elected on July 22, which has strengthened civil liberties and the rule of law.

    Musharraf may always be a dictator, but he needs to become a better one. Because if he doesn’t, what follows could be a lot worse.

    Source TIME

    Please do pay attention to the illustration accompanying the article. Are those Mush’s fingers squeezing the blood out??? Is that the “good” fictator doing the honors or the “bad” one?

    Points it admits:
    1. Mush is a bad dictator.
    2. US wants dictatorship to continue.
    3. US wants military to continue to control things but make it less transparent.
    4. Military has always held power in Pakistan.
    5. Pakistani generals, including Musharraf, have promoted jihadi militants.
    6. Musharraf’s five-year term as President, given him by the Parliament whose election he rigged.
    7. Mush-Benazir arrangement still wouldn’t be democratic (and do note free elections are mentioned after Ben is selected PM and Mush selected Pres.
    8. Pakistan has a disastrous education system. (Paying attention Mr. Pervaiz Elahi?)
    9. US’s best hope is that “Pakistan would gradually become more like Turkey, whose powerful military meddles in politics but so far has tolerated the emergence of a moderately Islamic but fairly liberal ruling party”


  2. Durga Gholkar Avatar

    Now that the Pakistan President finds himself in hot water after the recent political developments, he’s now making all sorts of attempts to save his backside and of course, his post. The Lal Masjid episode and the reinstatement of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Choudhry have not gone down well with him. He must have felt the need to get into the damage control mode. That explains his hush-hush meeting with Bhutto at Abu Dhabi.

  3. FAIZ KHATTAK Avatar

    the time is not to think about musharaf and benazir. we have to think about over janarals why thay are closing eyes from pakistan and whay thay are saling there mother land to usa throo musharaf.

    is there any one to advise over corp commanders please open your eyes and think what you are going to do. is it your duty and and responsibility are pakistani if you do this you will be the looser.

  4. FAIZ KHATTAK Avatar

    i am looking for a corp commander from great Pakistan army to say with me.

    ***** god is great *****
    ** p a k i s t a n zinda bad********

    kash kash kash

  5. asa Avatar

    Just for one person 160 million ppl are suffering,countless dramas(12th may,CJ,lal masjid) is going on & on to protect 21st century dictator(hitler)…wat a country !!!…all previous looters (PMLq) & killers(MQM) joined mushy only PPP left now its their time start for looting.

  6. OneMore Avatar

    I think they are discussing how to DO IT..

    BB wants front position and MUSH wants the doggy-style. In any case, they would enjoy the ride and people would suffer and pay for

    i) Pro-long pregnancy with Nausea all the time and the birth of a bastard
    ii) or an early Abortion.

    As always I’m from the crowds watching helplessly…

  7. BD Avatar

    Former Prime Minister Benajir Bhutto has confirmed that she is still holding talks with the Musharraf regime over ending the army's interference in politics.


    I fell off my chair laughing 😛

  8. umar Avatar

    musharraf is now a fully grown politician. He will do whatever a true politician does.

  9. Raza Avatar

    Here we go again. Another blood-sucking money-grabbing prime minister at the helm of a country thats known for being ruled by an elite few *only*. Pity the people who live here.

  10. Albela Avatar

    Turn by Turn

    Every one will get a chance, all you have to do is rub Uncle Sam’s….

    Muslim League have been minting money…
    MQM has been minting money…..
    Why not the PPP…..as long as benazir can rub on the right spot.

  11. Khushal Avatar

    Who gives a S*** about there meeting, Pakistan has always been in the hands of people who ATE it!!! what else can they do??? Bhutto meets Busharraf but i guess in either case the DEAL is not final yet cos BIBI wants to “take off” the Uniform and the general is willing to screw Pakistan within uniform!!!
    Ya Allah Pakistan ta khair oki!!!

    Lets give those a chance who havent yet screwed PAkistan, like Imran Khan but i can’t guarantee his obedience cos when some one tastes “Iqtidaar” they become BEASTS!!

  12. Junaid Avatar

    Hi all, I just have one comment to make. In the aftermath of BB-General meeting and the deal which, it appears, will be announced soon, Aitzaz Ahsan should quit PPP and publically denounce party ticket. I suggest that Aitzaz joins Imran Khan as Imran is the best alternate available to PPP and PML (n,q,whatever).

  13. maqsud Avatar

    aitzaz ahsan shud becom president

  14. Maliha Siddiqui Avatar

    when a person is weak and knows he/she is at loss you don’t tell the entire nation your a loser you hide your weak points and try to work on them but its so funny that our Mushi bOy loves to be such a loser at every point and situation he just can’t help but being lame !!! he even sucks at being a loser !!!