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October 17 Court Decision – Don’t Expect Much

Musharraf uniform cartoonOctober 17th is being trumpeted by many as a critical day in the history of Pakistan, it is a day which can be earmarked as a day to make or break one too many political giants of the present era. Two highly important political cases will be discussed while the Pakistani community holds it breath for their final decision. One case being the issue about the validity of Presidents Musharraf’s second 5-year stint as President of Pakistan and the other important case which is the life line of Benazir Bhutto and her heroic return the next day to Karachi being the NRO.

The NRO is officially referred to as the National Reconciliatory Ordinance which should have better been drafted as the National Robbers Ordinance, as it was created by thieves to protect their own fellow thieves. How can a country forgive crooks like Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari, Aftab Sherpao and Altaf Hussain with one simple stroke of the pen. All these, and many other politicians from 1989 – 1999 are criminals by any standard of the law they have plundered this country threadbare and now hope to whitewash their crimes with a gracious deal from the President in exchange for offering him another lifeline of a few more years of power.

Pakistanis it seems are yet again holding their breath with the hope that the Supreme Court will make a last valiant attempt to salvage this nation from these crooks, but the all-knowing elitist grapevine is abuzz with the belief Benazir will land in Karachi to a heroic welcome on the 18th of October and Musharraf will be the next King President of Pakistan.

A very respected ex-judge of the Supreme Court, in a personal discussion with me a few days back, was very optimistic about the Judicial process specially in the post CJP crisis era, but felt helpless when he witnesses undue pressure being applied on judges by the establishment to do according to their whims, this according to him has been going on for a good too many weeks. These unfair arm-bending tactics have its toll and then nothing can be done to save the judges from passing an unfair decision in any case. He also believed that the 11-member bench which is slated to hear Musharraf’s case has been carefully constituted seemingly in full consultations with Shareef uddin Peerzada, to ensure a positive outcome for Musharraf.

If we take a close look at the 11-member bench, in light of their previous decisions, the bench seemingly poised at 6-5 against Musharraf, he now needs only to sway one judge to swing this decision into his favor. It must be noted that on Oct 10 this bench was revised to a more favorable position with Justice Sardar Mohammad Raza Khan (who had initially dissented in President’s uniform case) the CJP while reconstituting the bench gave the explanation that Justice Sardar Mohammad Raza Khan had already given his views that Gen Musharraf was not qualified to contest the election. Quite surprisingly he found an excuse to remove Justice Raza Khan leaving five judges who had already given a positive opinion for Musharraf and his uniform

  1. Justice Javed Iqbal – (Upheld the Presidents uniform) (also had quickly agreed to become the acting chief justice immediately after the “suspension of CJ Chaudhry on March 9)
  2. Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar – (Upheld the Presidents uniform)
  3. Justice M. Javed Buttar – (Upheld the Presidents uniform)
  4. Justice Mohammad Nawa – (Upheld the Presidents uniform) also (Upheld the restoration of CJP Ch. Iftikhar)
  5. Justice Faqir Mohammad Khokar – (Upheld the Presidents uniform) (dissented in CJP case)
  6. Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday – (Upheld the restoration of CJP Ch. Iftikhar)
  7. Justice Tasadduq Hussain Jilani – (Upheld the restoration of CJP Ch. Iftikhar)
  8. Justice Raja Fayyaz Ahmed – (Upheld the restoration of CJP Ch. Iftikhar)
  9. Justice Syed Jamshed Ali – (Upheld the restoration of CJP Ch. Iftikhar)
  10. Justice Ghulam Rabbani – (Upheld the restoration of CJP Ch. Iftikhar)
  11. Justice Ch Ijaz Ahmed – (Upheld the restoration of CJP Ch. Iftikhar)

At the same time a very influential stock market broker in a closed door meeting has made the statement that enough money has changed hands with the judges that the establishment is ensured a positive outcome in the Supreme Court cases. He made this statement four days before the 6-3 decision on Musharrafs uniform, hence already proven tp be correct on one occasion with one more crucial decision left and I suspect he has made the right call yet again

The afore mentioned stock broker was so confident of his opinion that he told the people to stop speculating about the outcome of Musharraf and be assured that he will be the President and BB will come to Karachi. Is honest financial advise back then, was to invest in HubCo and OGDC shares, offering this as a financial tip for the future.

My analysis for tomorrow is bleak and I expect to my utter dissatisfaction a decision in favor of Musharraf which will ensure his five years as the President of Pakistan. He has lubricated the judges only so much so as to allow for this decision to slip by, the NRO was a smoke screen and once assured of his seat in power Musharraf cares little of what happens to the NRO. If by any chance the NRO is thrown out of the door, Benazir will undoubtedly have a flying fit since all her plans for a heroic return to Pakistan will most definitely be chucked out of the door.

For the sake of Pakistan I hope none of these decisions go in their favor, but I suspect a very dirty game afoot which shall probably come to a close in barely 24 hours from now

Until then lets all pray for Pakistan


  • Not-a-Mush-bozo |

    I agree with shobz, we shouldn’t give up hope.
    This time I’m not hoping any good from so called ‘Supreme court’, but now I have hope from Allah, who holds THE REAL SUPREME COURT.

    They plan, and Allah plans, and no doubt Allah is the BEST PLANNER.

  • shobz |

    i agree with you here doc. it is sad that people can be bought for a price. there is no such thing as an independent judiciary. it's just all part of a global plan to keep us in check. it's sad that despite being citizens of Pakistan we have no voice. i salute you doc coz you have the guts to speak the truth without being partisan. I wish we had more people in Pakistan who would not stay quiet and get rid of all the lying thieves (all politicians and their kin). i pray for Pakistan as well and hope there is good in store for us all. i guess we would only hear some good news when hell freezes over.

  • nota |

    I am certain SC will succumb and without much pressure. The court saga is just a side show. Yesterday I was amazed to hear Najam Sethi of Daily Times (speaking to Kamran on Geo about BB’s return) saying that people having problem with the NRO were those that suffered from “middle-class morality.”

  • Naushad Shafkat |

    The article just shows how ignorant you are about the situation. Here is why: 1. It is mere ignorance to suggest that the Mush uniform case was to be decided on the 17th. This was the date of hearing and not the date for the decision. To believe that such an important matter could be decided in one day is – to say the least- foolish. 2. The Supreme Court bench is constituted/reconstituted by the Chief Justice. How could Mr. Pirzada be involved in the decision to alter the bench? Certainly Mr. Pirzada is a jaadoogar but please don’t dis-credit him with what he has not or is not able to do. And what if the NRO gets thrown out? I don’t think it would bother BB one bit as morally at least the regime has admitted that all the cases were politically motivated. And please do not speak of lubricating the present judges as they could not get better lubrication than in the CJ case- the majority to their credit refused. It must be fun writing off the cuff like you do as most of the people who read you must be as ignorant if not more. But please do not paint Pakistan black for that.

  • B.H. Hadi |

    All the talk about the freedom of Supreme court collapsed on seeing the judgement on Lal Masjid. In their judgement they did not question what is the responsibility of the Madrassa administration to save the innocents, if there were any? Is it not a greater martyrdom for Rashid Ghazi to surrender himself to the authorities to save the alleged innocents inside the complex? Who will pay the compensation for the sacrifices made by the police and the army in fighting these jihadists? There are such questions never answered. Newspapers do not like to publish these questions in the form letters sent to the editors, I wonder why.