Pakistan is the World’s Most Dangerous Nation : Newsweek

Newsweek Pakistan Dangerous CountryNewsweek has dedicated this weeks cover page to Pakistan with a bold title “The Most Dangerous Nation in the World Isn’t Iraq – Its Pakistan” (read the entire 6 page cover story here). To be honest Pakistanis are not at all surprised, as it was on the cards all along and we have been watching this happen while our so called leaders deliberately played to the tune of Enlightened Moderation.

The problem started after 9/11 when America wanted to wage a war to seek revenge, they may have sugar coated the word revenge to neutralize it as a global issue by labeling it as a war on terror, but in true sense it was one nation fighting against its own enemies. This offensive in reality went far beyond simply being an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth concept to more like the phrase used by Mahatma Gandhi “An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind” which he used in reference to his Satyagraha philosophy of nonviolent resistance.

Its quite surprisingly no one dares to call the bully (United States of America) a terrorist when it is quite apparent to the world that it remains focused on the business of terrorizing its weaker opponents into submission. This Newsweek article should have served the world as a rude awakening to finally understand whats going on inside Pakistan, in all honesty we have been watching our country crumble from within, while we sit helplessly on the side while our leaders negotiate off our sense of national dignity in exchange for personal compensation over shadowing all national issues in pursuit for their own dream of fame, wealth and fortune. All policies have been geared towards ensuring that the paymasters (read USA) remain happy. The authors try to summaries the situation in Pakistan in one short statement

Pakistan’s leaders have created and Islamic monster that operates with impunity

They may be true on one sense but I feel the have still yet again missed out of the actual root problem, these leaders that you see today running our country would have been long since gone had the people of Pakistan decided their own fate, loosely translated means democracy, these military dictators have been propped up to simply at the whim of the White House and no one else. How surprising to see the American government fighting hard to over throw one set of military dictator (Saddam Hussein) to finally install a democratic (dummy) leader, while in case of Pakistan the same concept of democracy was conveniently shoved under the carpet to instead support a military dictator, if this is not hypocrisy of the highest level then I no case to argue for.

Pakistan may be a very Dangerous nation but that in no way means that it is a failed state, there is still hope and the only way to extract this failing giant is to breath life into a proper democratic process, ensure free and fare elections, is this too hard for the west to realize, believe in the people and then let nature take its own course a population of 160 millions people cant all be wrong when they say GO MUSHARAF GO.



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8 responses to “Pakistan is the World’s Most Dangerous Nation : Newsweek”

  1. Raza Avatar

    Woah! Invading countries on faulty intelligence (with ulterior motives) and bullying another nation with talk of invasion – I guess that’s just a normal peaceful nation of this world.

  2. Shoaib Taimur Avatar

    The western media is not free as it’s merely a mouthpiece for either the right-wing parties or the so called left-wingers who have their own agenda. I agree with Doc when he states that Pakistan is not a failed state. The violence in the country is instigated by people who want to destroy Pakistan. Allah will save us from such people. I just hope we stay united so we can stop vested interests from sowing the seed of dissent. We are a great nation of people and we will rise above all this to prove the media wrong. Shame on all the leaders for not doing anything.

  3. asa Avatar

    pakistan may be failed state not coz of extremism,fundamentalism blah blah but coz of no sense of responsibility of common people of pakistan like u & me who think and fully know pakistan has been destroyed by bloody dictator but still keep silent .
    now its time to do something for pakistan even participate in election and vote for right person like IK.

  4. guYasir Avatar

    Washington, and even the 1st Lady Laura Bush, have been blasting Burmas military junta for brutal repression. At the same time, Pakistans US-backed military junta, which receive $1 billion monthly in covert US payments, is waging war against its own restive people, thousands of whom have been killed by the armed forces. According to the Bush Administrations thinking, shooting and beating rebellious Buddhist monks is evil; shooting and beating rebellious Muslim religious leaders is `anti-terrorism.

  5. Publia.Padena Avatar

    In defense of the US, we think that rebellious Muslim religious leaders who want to kill us are very different from the peaceful Buddhist monks who, from all evidence, wish us no harm.

  6. Zack Avatar

    It is not the duty of the US to ensure democracy in Pakistan, it’s the job of Pakistanis. Also, while the US has supported Musharraf, it is the Pakistani nation that has acquiesced in his rule.

    As for most dangerous, it looks like Pakistan would soon have more soldiers on active combat mission within Pakistan than the US has in Iraq.

  7. David Avatar

    I have to say this because this blog is coming from a bias.I am very shocked and surprised when I see the Pakistanis that are well educated and literate etc,actually believing conspiracy theories and etc and in some cases sympathetic to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda which is using parts of Pakistan as a base of operations. So I have to point out that 9/11 did happen and many innocent men,women and children who were not combatants in a war died on that day and that it was an act of war by Al Qaeda.I would have to belive if something happened on that scale in Pakistan,that Pakistanis would be angered and demand some action against those involved or connected. Furthermore it was not the first act of terrorism involving Al Qaeda.They attempted an attack on the World Trade Center in 93.They attacked embassies in east africa in which many innocent citizens died.They were involved in the Khobar Towers incident, it was not just about 9/11 though that by itself was horrific. Also not long after 9/11 you had the terrorist attack in Bali which was before the war in Iraq.You had the bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco which involved innocent people.The train bombings in Spain.The terrorist incidents in London which can be traced back to Pakistan.As well as the incidents of terroris spreading all over Pakistan and affecting innocent Pakistanis.Not to mention the fact that groups allied with Al Qaeda are taking over parts of Pakistan and creating a state within a state. I just mentioned all of this to say that the war on terror is a very real war.A war affecting many people and nations, and not just some code words. I wish that Pakistanis would wake up and instead of blaming it all on America start getting angry with those behind and involved in the acts of terrorism in their own country affecting innocent Pakistani citizens.Because besides being a base for Al Qaeda it is also a nuclear state which if terrorist’s were to be in a postion to have those weapons would affect everyone.

  8. David Avatar

    Sorry was not trying to have that all run together like that but it does express what I feel and my concerns.