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Update @ 0015 from HRCP Vice Chairperson in Karachi

A couple of minutes ago, we posted that HRCP’s members had been released after a blogger on the ground tipped us off via e-mail, however, after a phone call to the vice chairperson of HRCP in Pakistan the blogger sent in the following:

I just spoke to Zohra later (the HRCP Vice Chairperson in Karachi). They have not been released. Only I.A. Rehman & Iqbal Haider were transferred to another sub-jail within Asma Jahangir’s (Chairwoman of HRCP) house. And earlier Dr. Mubashir was allowed to go because of his age. I just spoke to Salima Hashmi’s son Yasser, who is standing outside the lockup cell. We’ve heard they may be transferred to Mianwali jail tomorrow.


  • anon |

    this message came from one of the lums professors who was arrested along with AJ, IA Rehman etc:
    sorry for spamming your blog, but more people will see it here than anywhere else
    theyve been jailed for having an opinion. what is happening to pakistan?

    :The vicious cycle of charisma, corruption and coup has been broken. Earlier the roles were distributed. Now we have just one person to blame.

    > Thank God Martial Law has been declared! Musharraf has already started arresting all the terrorists:
    > Ali Cheema , Bilal Minto, Asma Jehangir, I.A. Rahman, Aitzaz Ahsan, Imran Khan, Salima Hashmi, Iqbal Haider

    Dear all. As I write to you many members of society are actively protesting against the travesty that has plunged us once again into the dark ages. The hrcp building has been surrounded by police and peaceful protesters including some of our faculty members are about to be arrested.
    In islamabad and elsewhere the top judiciary of the country remains under
    house arrest and similar arrests are being made. The press has been completely muffled. This is the time to peacefully but unequivocally express our very strong dismay and protest against yet another martial law. Howvever as we unite in this please ensure that nothing happens that in any way undermines our institutional norms. Please introspect and gauge whether continuing silence makes sense any more.

    Please speak up, stand together and be counted. And be careful.

    Regards. Osama siddique ***
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  • ange |

    No worries anon :) And thanks for the update, which we have blogged as a new posting on the front page for increased coverage.

  • Saira |


    Thanks for the update. really worried about the situation. will go tomorrow to hrcp and see the situation.
    take care all of you. I hope everyone remains safe