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Update @ 1640: Protesters arrested at Karachi Press Club

Via Blackberry from Dr. Awab who is at the protest in Karachi:

“I’m at the protest taking pictures but not going through on email, one journalist severely beaten and about 5 arrested”


  • kash |

    Police raided the press of the Jang Group here today and tried to stop the printing of a supplement.

    Musharaf soon you will have to pay the price …. shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aalyaq |

    Interesting pics seems like more reporters covering the meet than protesters…good to see PPP activist still around and not locked up. i.e Qaiser Bengali .
    Time to get some perspective on this…

  • Jalal |

    “God helps those who help themselves

    Can all of us start a campaign by tying a black ribbon on our right arm in protest to the illegal acts committed?

  • ange |

    Thanks to everyone who has been commenting and giving us suggestions and encouragement. Just a heads up that Dr. Awab is well and safe at the moment 🙂

    Jalal: we can definitely start a campaign such as the one you have suggested, great idea – and a way to extend such a campaign online by having those are against this state of emergency and martial law, placing black ribbons on the corners of their blogs, sites, portals and the like (an example of something similar but for a disaster remembrance week which was done a few years ago: quakehelp.blogspot.com).

    Claude: thanks for the links, appreciate it. A short update there that since the secret intelligence agency in Pakistan have begun a string of threats against GEO TV for live broadcasts online, the news station have/in the process of working out pre-recorded briefings)

  • shahzad |

    I am a teacher…. On 4th Nov I attended a protest along with thousands of other political workers staged by JI in Lahore . Me and many other teachers and students are planning to protest in our surroundings and localities. SALAM to all of you trying to save the CIVIL RIGHTS looted by the Guns and boots.
    Few tips for Protesters:
    1. Enjoy the MAGIC of SPRAY paints;)
    2. Appreciate, help other protesters (SAVIOURS) regardless of political affiliations.
    3. Use the technology esp SMS for events invitation.
    4. Try to add students in protests. It has two benefits: Stuidents are active , can run fast, work fast, have no liabilities behind. AND the important THEY WILL GUARD THEIR RIGHTS MORE STRONGLY AS THEY WILL WIN AFTER FIGHTING.
    wish you all best AND WITH HIGH MORALS.