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Update @ 2122: Images from Press Club protest in Karachi

The following images were taken by Dr. Awab, streamed in via Flickr, show protesters and the police presence that turned up for the demonstration at the Press Club in Karachi today where a journalist was assaulted by police and five protesters arrested for chanting slogans. More pictures of the protest have been clicked by another blogger (S) and are available here.


Bolshevik over at Metroblogging Karachi blogs more details on the protest which saw a little over a 100 demonstrators and an insight into what went wrong which led to the arrests and the journalist (cameraman) who was beaten up police.

As blogged previously, we request all those who plan on joining protests and demonstrations happening across Pakistan, to please protest peacefully as this sends across an effective yet powerful message to those in favor of/imposing martial law in Pakistan added to the fact that the police will find it much more difficult to be violent if there is passive resistance.


  • ResistanceFighter |

    I was there too and it was a commendable effort on everyone’s part.
    let’s do it bigger and better now.