Update @ 1800: Phone services restored in Islamabad

Cell phone services have been restored approx. an hour ago in Islamabad with confirmed reports coming in via our comments sections as well as via text messages from friends within the city. Although the landlines and cell phone coverage is back up, reception in certain parts of Islamabad is noisy with audible background interferences. As explained earlier in an update at Global Voices Online earlier this morning, due to the fact that cheap devices have been implemented at agencies employing the use of mobile jammers, reception to cell phones might be effected but SMS services will continue to function.



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One response to “Update @ 1800: Phone services restored in Islamabad”

  1. binary-zero Avatar

    correct, i spoke to my mother and my lines were giving me noices like someone is sniffing my phone call. The aparent policy seems like this : Few major sector, each call is listened first time and its technically dropped. If the agency finds the call non-relevant they don’t bother you at the next call or they will keep dropping you off.