Update @ 1600: PTI Information Secretary sends activism message for students

As Pakistani security forces prepare to clampdown on new rallies today, I spoke to the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf — Imran Khan’s political party) Information Secretary — Akhbar Barbar, via phone, who sends out the following message to students organizing and attending peace rallies, while also echoing Shabhaz Sharif’s call last night, for students to rally peacefully:

– Wear black or yellow arm bands to voice your silent statement which is very effective in rallying for a democratic Pakistan and lifting the imposed martial law

– To ensure all police and armed forces’ brutality against students and demonstrators are documented and publicized, invite the electronic media to all student-organized rallies

– Build a network with students at every university in Pakistan and organize rallies on campus at same timings across the country

– Make a unified strong statement using placards, wearing arm bands and handing out car stickers for a democratic Pakistan without martial law.

– Initiate rallies to kick-off within campuses and at other educational institutions

– I encourage ladies within the student bodies to come out and join peace rallies since police forces (mostly male-dominated) usually back off and wait for women-police officers to arrive, this gives them time to also make their voice heard.

– Coordinate all activities and rallies together as one united network of students, increased linkage within universities leads to a larger peace message that creates an impact.



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2 responses to “Update @ 1600: PTI Information Secretary sends activism message for students”

  1. Ahsan Taj Avatar
    Ahsan Taj

    Imran you are infact our leader we are all with you
    I know you are very brave man and not furiuse before any Danger or Problem. our all wishes with you. ALLAH is with you and Allah seeing every thing. Inshallah you will Successfull.

  2. inam shah Avatar
    inam shah

    my request to the rest of of the party leaders,that infact no body should take this current arrest easly.im telling you all that imran khan is in great danger.because of the so called saviours of pakistan.they all know he”imran” speak the truth.and thet what they dont want.we in pakistan dont have any democracy,or rule our leaders are not the leaders,they are the puppet of amrica,& the westron world.and to change the system you need a revoulation,not of words but that need the blood from one corner of pakistan to the other.and i can see one man rise above all& thats imran khan.thats why i said eariler he is in great danger.it is time to come out on the streets,and march towards all those vadaras,choudrys,and just take themout on the streets,i dont belive in words any more,it is the time to take acotions.and we must tell the west,we will talk to you when we finish with our self.we need complete overhual.no way if we are strong the other can interfere in our internal affairs.what iqbal said”khodai ko ker atna boland kay herr takdeer,say agee khoda banday say khood pochay batha taree raza kya hai…..