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Update @ 1400: Benazir Bhutto comes out of her house

Via SMS, just hours before Benazir Bhutto was set to start off her party’s peace rally, she was detained and placed under house arrest at the Zardari house in Islamabad:

Despite Pakistani security forces surrounding her house, Bhutto has just stepped out of the house and police have led her to a nearby waiting car. The BBC and CNN have been taken off the air again in Pakistan by PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) along with other international news channels, just minutes after Bhutto left the house.

Follow-up Update:

In a live phone call to Geo TV, Benazir Bhutto stressed that no one had served her with an arrest warrant while our sources in Islamabad  Bhutto has been seen making her way to the peace rally being held today via back-roads and that the police is looking for her.


  • Junaid |

    Musharraf is sick now, yesterday army act changed , now they are changing the way bar council leadership is chosen now bar council would be appointed by high or supreme court judges..
    he is finsined now just count the day …