Update @ 1830: Police cordon off Imran Khan’s house

Received via SMS:

Imran Khan’s house has been cordoned off by the police while Pakistani security forces have surrounded Shaukat Khanam Hospital in Lahore while in Rawalpindi, riot police have fired tear gas shells to disperse PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) political workers at the Committee Chowk.



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One response to “Update @ 1830: Police cordon off Imran Khan’s house”

  1. Sarfaraz Avatar

    I am from USA and used to be a member of IJT .After hearing the news about Imran khan . I realized that I spend my life withGUNDAS.I deceided that I will not even think aboput my past. I request to youth please support Imran khan as he is the only hero in Pakistan and he will take pakist to right direction.