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Update @ 2006: Solidarity with Geo Rally from KPC to Geo Offices

KPC to Geo officesSeveral of the protesters went directly to the Geo Building while a few joined the protest march from Karachi Press Club. At the Jang Press / Geo offices police had cordoned off the street, and behind the police cordon, Geo employees (a couple of hundred) were holding banners and placards, singing and dancing to ‘Jeenay Do!’ broadcast through loudspeakers. It was quite a party, and the enthusiasm was very moving. They had planned to join up with the demo at the Press Club called for 3 pm, but police clearly told them that they could do what they liked behind the cordon. The same thing happened at the Press Club where according to one reporter (Dawn TV), there were some 700 people. who made their way from the press club to Geo offices in small groups or as individuals to the Geo office and was not allowed to go as a procession. It was good to see several people from Dawn TV there, including Azhar Abbas. – credit Beena

A few images taken during the protest rally


  • awais |

    vry shocking news ………but i pray for GEO for its RISE again RISE TO HONOR …….GEO n GEO team dil choota nai karain app loog aj kaal sach bolnay walay ka yahi haal hota hai dont worry u guyz will rise again n sooner ……..ur only mistake was that u very dirctly showing with live courage that how these soo called dignities were bz in looting the country

    inshallah u will win

  • Somi Khan |

    Dubai Media City has ordered GEO and ARY to SHUT their transmission

    It is shocking that Dubai Media City has ordered two TV channels of Pakistan GEO TV and ARY to shut their transmission only on few hours notice on the pressure of General Pervaiz Musharraf. Dubai Media City was claimed to be a free zone for world media to opening their broadcasting centers. Investments were attracted in the name of free media zone. But this blatant action has passed a wave of fear among the investors for losing their money and business any time with a simple order without giving any notice or abiding the terms of the license. It means that the properties, business and investments of foreigners are not safe in UAE and any action can be taken on asking of the hostile governments. The west will use it for making negative propaganda against a Muslim and Arab country. The government of UAE has not so far denied that it had ordered the Geo and ARY to shut their transmission on asking of Pervaiz Musharraf. Media City did not tell what wrong these channels had done. It is astonishing how Dubai rulers have accepted the pressure of Musharraf. It has destroyed the business friendly reputation of Dubai and has created a sense of insecurity among foreign investors. Does it mean that only the West is safe place for doing business and abiding of contracts and rules and regulations?

  • Faisal.K |

    The government can do anything they want to, in order to curb the media, but the people of Pakistan will always find a way to have their voice heard! This blog is a prime example of this sentiment.

    To the few and the proud of GEO and ARY who refuse to back down as so many others did in face of serious pressure.
    ” Girte hain Shehsawar hi Maidane Jang me”

  • Claude Almansi |

    Couldn’t agree more, Faisal.K. Silencing info never really worked. Believing that you can silence info in the age of blogs and other authoring/networking tools requires a strong dose of estrangement from reality. Believing that you can do that in Pakistan where this blog and the other blogs used by human rights activists have been internationally saluted as exemplary models of citizen journalism is plain zany.

    Your Deadpan Thoughts blog is great, Faisal.K. Please write more.

  • KAWA |

    I have learnt from several quarters that the ruler of Dubai is building a new palace in RYK (Rahim Yar Khan) and it was there during his visit that Mush, the bastard son of our soil (no matter what the Brits say “Our Son Of A Bitch) met with the dubai ruler to request him to shut down Geo!!!

    Shame on the Shaikh of Dubai… As for our President, he is shameless and there’s no way to shame a shameless person… So I will not waste my time on him,,

  • NJ |

    Where Does Musharraf Get His Power?

    Musharraf was smart to know that one day United States might dump him so he needed a back-up.

    For 8 years he built up his second line of defence. In a polorized and ethnically charged Pakistan he bought loyalties on ethnic lines. Today the following facts are true;

    1) 18 out of 28 Pak Army Generals are Urdu Speaking or Muhajirs as Altaf Bhai pleases to call them.
    2) 6 out of 8 Core CCommanders are Urdu Speaking.
    3) Kunwar Dilshad, Election Commissioner (From Faisalabad) is Urdu Speaking.
    4) Prime Minister WAS Urdu Speaking.
    5) Majority of Military Attache’s in the Pak Embassy’s in West are Urdu Speaking Military Officers (Washington, Canada, U.K…)
    6) Where there is a non-urdu speaking Ambassador or Consul general, the number 2 is definitely a Urdu Speaking Officer.

    Musharraf think tank sits in London and if you match, whatever comes out of Don of London’s mouth will be followed in days or months to come. Last month, MQM was critical of both Hamid Mir and Dr Shahid and you saw the result.
    Geo was specifically told to get rid of Hamid, Shahid and Bani….minus Kamran Khan???

    The problem now is that Kiyani alone with a couple of non-urdu speaking generals is without power because no urdu speaking general will stand against Musharraf EVEN if Pakistan disintegrates. We all know of Altaf’s mentality and have seen his poison spread in every Urdu Speaking person around the globe…. Check up your friends, neighbours, etc…. They all support the same philophosy!!! Out of millions, one would differ!

    The plan is to dominate the Pakistani politics and rule this country through the hands of 10% minority who call themselves Muhajirs!!

    Unfortunately, the naivette politicians of Punjab are too dumb to wake up…the likes of the Chaudry’s!!!

    Here’s how I see it. Like Altaf Hussain’s mentality, Musharraf will not mind killing a couple to hundred thousand people in Pakistan to continue to rule. The Generals, unlike in the past will stand and watch the massacre…like they did on May 12th in Karachi. The revolt will come from lower rank Pak army officers where the disgust is rising… and strong rumours of great dissent. Inside sources state the several officers of ranks of majors and Colonels have already been court matialled and sent home discreately..

    These are hard facts to swallow and beleive but do your own research and find out the facts to these numbers.

  • NJ |

    P.S. I also wish to state that at the same time Karachi or from within the Urdu Speaking people Pakistan has proudly gotton the best of our citizens.. Which is so unlike Punjab!!

    I am proud of Karachi as a city to have people like Justice Mamoon Qazi, Justice Wajiuddin Ahmed, Justice saeeduzaman Siddiqui, etc and scores of other citizens which even in this polorized and hate charged atmospahere in Karachi have gambled on their lives to stand against this tyrant who belongs to their kith and kin… Ordinarily this does not matter ans we are all Pakistanis but one has to understand Karachi today and should have experienced it to know what I am talking about..

    The slogan, “Jo Quaid Ka Ghaddar Ha, Wo Mout Ka Haqdar Hai” is true and anyone who takes it as a joke does not understand this dangerous “cult”. It is a cancer which will one day haunt every one if they keep their eyes closed.

    The way it chanllenge is to talk about it, expose it and confront it!!!