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SMS Update @ 1949: Vigil at Geo

Geo VigilVia SMS: There is a crowd of over 1000 people singing to the tune of Jenay Do a very moving sight God Bless Pakistan.

Update: The candle light vigil which was announced at Geo offices in Karachi to basically condemn the shutting down of the two popular media channels was truly amazing. The vigil itself started off at around 7pm but I am told the crowd was present there well before the specified time, when I reached there it was truly an amazing sight in the entire lane you could only see candles lit with quite a few heavy speakers blarring the signature Geo song Jeenay Do.

There were approximately well over 1500 people present most honding some sort of placard denocning the martial law but practiclaly everyone had a candle and sang the song Jeenay Do. There were a number of large TV screens showing the live feed from Geo which was being streamed via the internet. The best part of the vigil was when the Geo Musharraf-lookalike took to the stage and had some fun with the crowd with some unique imitations of the dictator. It was good to see people coming out to raise their voice against the censorship of the media.

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