Update @ 1330: Justice Wajeehuddin supports Imran’s hunger strike for Judiciary

Supreme Court Justice (Retd) Wajeehuddin Ahmed has strongly supported the hunger strike of Mr Imran Khan for the restoration of the judiciary. In a discussion with Dr Arif Alvi the Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf he said that the hunger strike is a most significant part of the noble struggle being waged by the nation. He appealed to the Pakistani people to bring about a change and put pressure on the establishment to mend their ways and return to the pre-PCO status.

He said that restoration of the judiciary is much more important than the sham election or the issue of the Presidential uniform. There can be no change until Musharraf resigns and the constitution is followed in letter and spirit to herald a caretaker government of consensus to hold elections within 90 days. Everything being done now is a sham. He said that the struggle of Mr Imran Khan should show the light to the youth who can take Pakistan out of this mess. He appealed to the international community and the local and international legal fraternity recognize Mr Imran Khan’s struggle and to put pressure on the Musharraf regime to see the writing on the wall.