Imran Khan’s Pictures after his release from DG Khan Jail

Imran Khan Pictures after release in DG Khan

Imran Khan Pictures after release in DG Khan Imran Khan Pictures after release in DG Khan

Credit Yahoo News & (AP Photo/Saleem Raza)



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5 responses to “Imran Khan’s Pictures after his release from DG Khan Jail”

  1. Sana Avatar

    Brave Leader.

  2. AMLAW Avatar

    Imran Khan is a straight forward person.

  3. Gangly Khan Avatar
    Gangly Khan

    Marriot Hotel Bombing
    It is unfortunate that our English writers borrow ideas and thoughts from media of the West for forming and dissemination of their ideas to influence public opinion. Most of them are global citizens who received education in the West and as such are biased towards the West. Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa is one of them. West started psychological warfare against Pakistan with threats that Taliban’s would destabilize Pakistan. This is not true. Talibans are true Pakistanis whose interests are linked with the stability and integrity of Pakistan. In fact it is US that are all out to destabilize Pakistan in order to execute its agenda of new world order. Westernized Pakistanis including some politicians and government officials holding high positions are facilitating US in execution of its mission. Who created Talibans? Who is providing them logistic support? Why our leaders opted to become front line ally of US in so called terrorist war? Who allowed Afghani’s to migrate to Pakistan territory in millions and establish their business? Why the Talibans from foreign countries were allowed to establish basis to operate across the border? No one will be able to give true answer to these questions. This strategy did not benefit our people. However our leaders did succeed to promote their own interest at the cost of Pakistani poor people. At that time writers like Siddiqa kept quite.
    Marriot Hotel in Islamabad has been serving as a centre where foreigners and their intelligence agencies hatched conspiracies against Pakistan and employed local agents to facilitate their operations. A night prior to bombing incidence, it is learnt, US marines drove a truck into the premises of the hotel and unloaded from it some material that was dumped in the hotel rooms at fifth storey. When unloading was in progress, IN and OUT gates of the hotel were closed. From this fact it is inferred that bombing target were the US marines as well as the dumped stuff. As regards deaths of working class of people in the bombing, that was collateral damage having similarity with deaths of innocent citizens in FATA during our own military operations and US aerial and ground attacks Marriot Hotel bombing is a mystery which requires probe to unearth the real facts.
    As regards people’s classes, they are many in number. After Muhammad Bin Qasim’s attack on Sindh, Arabs settled in Sindh. They comprised qureshi, hashmi, syed, siddiqi, alvi arain and awans who later on spread in Punjab and other parts of India. Being conquerors, they still consider them superior like Brahmin and called them Makhdooms. They treat aboriginals of this soil as second class citizens. Centuries have passed they have not treated locals at par with them. Absence of their matrimonial relations with the local Muslims is a proof in this respect. They are pirs, gadhi nashins, commercial/business tycoons and big land lords. They still exploit locals under the cover of pirs. People of South Punjab and Sindh are the main victims of their exploitation. They constitute ruling class that have grip over country’s politics.
    The Second class is westernized Pakistanis who have their bank balances and properties in the west. Primarily their interests are linked with the foreigners. Their kids study in foreign schools. They come to Pakistan in election seasons to grab power. When the elections are over, the successful stay put and the losers return abroad.
    Pakistan armed forces strength is more than half millions with an atom bomb at their disposal. Nature of terrain is in favor of our troops for defense operations. NATO forces deployed in Afghanistan are near about fifty thousands strong. Once US aircrafts violate our territory and its heli-borne troops launch ground attacks on our citizens we must retaliate to protect our sovereignty and public. But our rulers are hesitant to do that because they are under obligation of US and do as they are dictated. If this is the situation no one can stop US to establish its hegemony over this region to execute its agenda.
    Pakistan is a mere name for people living on what is called territory of Pakistan. It may be passing through a critical situation and may disintegrate due to incompetence of our civil and military leaders as happened in 1971 when East Pakistan turned into Bangladesh. But poor people comprising peasants, workers and laborers will feel no difference in their poor condition except change of masters.
    Gangly Khan

  4. Azhar Avatar

    imran will bring change in pakistan

  5. Jamil Khan Avatar
    Jamil Khan

    The Great Imran Khan Brought The Change…