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Nawaz Sharif’s Return and the Boycott Dilemma

Its all over the media that Nawaz Shairf has finally landed in Lahore after some serious arm bending negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Musharraf (mind you I use Musharraf as Pakistan does not figure anywhere in this equation). It was basically orchestrated to level the playing field as Benazir was apparently acting too erratic in the recent past that Musharraf could not swallow a PPP electoral sweep which could potentially hold him hostage after the elections. This move is yet another ploy which will favor Musharraf in the five years to come, as he then has more pawns to play with rather then be stuck with a Lotta-Queen Benazir Bhutto.

It so seems that all the moves are being played by Musharraf from day one to the extent that he calls a ‘check’ every time expecting a predictable reaction from the opposition which quite often is forced to respond predictably and according to the plan. Yesterdays apparent announcement by Raja Zafar ul Haq from the APDM platform to boycott the forthcoming sham elections was a brilliant move as it actually meant that the opposition was not suckered into the pre=planned circus of elections, an apparent unified opposition boycott can throw the legitimacy of the elections out the window, yes it may severely impact the voice of the opposition as the would sit on the sidelines while the sham rulers will make legislatures at their free will, but then again how could one seriously believe in a so called elections governed by a slave judiciary and a severely compromised Election Commissioner sworn in by Musharraf himself, its highly unlikely that any one of the critical postions would resist in validating the elections as free and fair

Since the announcement of the boycott APDM stands on a fine edge, JUI was already not a part of this and I doubt anyone in Pakistan would believe otherwise as the leaders Maulana Diesel (Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman) is simply too greedy to have any principles, easily wooed into any direction where he stands to profit and benefit, Hence he has long since been known as Maulana Diesel, a person who pledges to anyone who can fill his car with a tank of gasoline. PPP despite all love hate relationship aka see saw of principles was always committed to taking part in the elections, PPP was never a part of the APDM. With two important parties with some significant street power armed with with the ruling coalition of Chaudhry’s PML-Q we would have had elections but this was simply the new ruling coalition with no opposition.

The APDM apparently seems to be steadfast in it resolve to boycott the elections since yesterday but we are hearing reports of some weakness which may come through from PML-N and it is possible that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif might actually file papers and contest the elections, if PML-N jumps into the elections then the boycotting opposition is reduces to a mere whisper, PTI, JI and ANP amongst a host of other nationalist parties.

I only pray that the opposition has the balls to call a check mate on Musharraf, a little proactive decisions can truly test this ruler, and shatter his dream to present to his masters a so called democratic government, after all it is the US President George Bush, the proclaimed upholder of democracy who recently described General Pervez Musharraf as a leader who has advanced democracy and “hasn’t crossed the line”. need I say more


  • Guest |

    Bush also called Ariel Sharon a “man of peace”. So Mush is in good company.

  • Reebok |

    Musharraf reluctantly agreed to allow Sharif back this time, under pressure from Saudi King Abdullah, who was embarrassed by the kingdom’s complicity in the exile of a Muslim leader.


  • temporal |

    agree with you:)…as i wrote seconds earlier on another thread the wily general is smiling … the more the merrier

    easier to divide-and-rule

  • Khan |

    Nawaz sharif khushamdaid back home.
    He is the only leader in pakistan right now who has his roots in public. Truely represents pakistan.Every pakistani wants to be like him(successful, nice family, pakistani look and professional).


  • FaisalK |

    Another Ex PM returns on the basis of a deal. Do the politics of Pakistan have no future leaders? that we need to go back again and again and conjure up discards from our past? Oh.. i forgot.. who cares bout we.. its only “he” that makes all decisions ;)

    Welcome back Baldie… let the circus continue…