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Update on Muneer A. Malik’s medical condition – Not Good

Received on the People’s Resistance network

We went to see Muneer A. Malik today, I will also send the photos of the protest we organised outside PIMS. He is in a critical condition. His creatinine level is very high he has undergone a dialysis and a second one is due in about half an hour. His treatment was delayed so much that he is in a serious condition now. C.J Iftikhar Chaudhry wanted to meet him but he was not granted permission. God knows what is planned for Aitezaz Ahsan and Ahmad Ali Kurd?

Our prayers continue to be with Mr. Malik wishing him all the best and at the same time raise concern with the hope that the rest of the political prisoners are doing ok, and may Allah protect these heros of Pakistan who choose to raise their voice against the military dictator


  • nadia |

    em really upset 4 hear dat…may Allah give reward 2 him 4 evry pain…May he get well vry soon..pakistan really need ppl like him!

  • nadia |

    em really upset 2 hear datmay Allah give reward 2 him 4 evry painMay he get well vry soon..pakistan really need ppl like him!

  • Nighat khan |

    My country what is going to become of you.
    One man only one man is following God knows whose agenda is keeping whole civil society hostage at gun point. My heart cries every day when I read the amendments he is making latest is about lawyers membership cancellation. Who has given him this divine right.
    Only fault of Munir Malik is he is one of the brains behind chief justice’s successful reinstatement.
    We all pray for you Munir.I am ashamed at the jail doctor who criminally neglected his ureamia and hence renal failure. Iam hanging my head in shame that he actually under unstrilized comditions used a syringe to tap his abdominal fluid.
    Musharraf you have blood on your hands
    absolute power has corrupted you absolutely