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Pakistani Election Commission bars Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan’s Election Commission Monday barred former prime minister and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif from a January 8 general election because of past criminal convictions. “His nomination papers are rejected because of his convictions, presiding election official Raja Qamaruzaman told Reuters in Lahore.

Its interesting to note that Mr. Nawaz Sharif in his hate to get out of the country after his govt was toppled in 1999, never appealed lower court decision against him, instead opted to get a pardon from the President. So the conviction stands, and even if the Election Commission had accepted his papers, that action would have been challenged in the court by his competitors. Hence, until the rules are amended, Mr. Sharif would have to sit this one out.

All this while Benazir Bhutto continues to hide behind the protections provided to her by the NRO which were added on to the PCO allowing her full protection to contest the elections. Free and Fair… Yeah Right…

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  • Wasim Afzal |

    Sharif Blocked From Pakistan Election

    Muslim League (N) is the most popular party and blocking Sharif brothers from taking part in elections clearly indicate pre poll rigging.

    Prior this Sharif brothers were blocked from entering in the country, and when they arrived back it was almost the last day of submitting nomination papers.

    If they want PML-Q or blend of PML-Q, PPP and MQM back in power, then why they are wasting nations time and hard earned money, they should bring in an ordinance declaring the favorite people being selected to govern for next five years.

    They need favorite judiciary, submissive media and obedient politicians.

    It in not an insult if Sharif brothers, its an insult of free citizens.

    Who should be next prime Minster in Pakistan

    Nawaz Sharif
    Benazir Bhutto
    Pervez Illahi
    Imran Khan
    Molana Fazul ur Rehman