Justice Shahid Siddiqi’s eviction orders in Lahore

The People’s Resistance network is abuzz with news that Justice Shahid Siddiqui is being evicted from his home in Lahore

Asad Jamal in Lahore messaged at about 10.30 pm that Justice Shahid Siddiqui may be evicted from his official residence now. He later sent a text message saying: “Scores of lawyers & civil society activists are gathered outside Justice Shahid Siddiqui’s official residence at Tollington Lane, in GOR Lahore to show solidarity with him.” Spoke to on the phone and could hear much comotion all around, including Asma Jahangir’s voice saying that when the police came they would have to hit her first.

While earlier a contempt of Court notice was issued by Justice Shahid Siddiqi to the Reistrar of the Lahore High Couurt

30. 11. 2007

The Registrar of this Court through letter dated 16th November 2007 has requested me to vacate my official residence i.e. 14 Tollinton Road, GOR 1, Lahore. It has been written after the issuance of Proclamation of Emergency and the Provincial Constitution Order 2007. This communication is wholly illegal, totally in defiance to constitutional provisions and even against the normative values of decency.

  1. I am clear in my mind that Lahore High Court holds its very existence to the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 which embodies the will of the people. Needless to say that the Constitution of a country is always considered as the supreme and sacred law of the land. It cannot be allowed to be abrogated, held in abeyance or violated under any pretext specially by those who have taken the oath to preserve, protect and defend it.
  2. In view of the above, the Proclamation of Emergency and the Provincial Constitutional Order 2007 being in sheer abuse of powers are of no legal consequence as had been declared immediately after its promulgation by the Supreme Court of Pakistan existing under the Constitution. The mandate is binding upon the Judges of all the High Courts and all officials performing their functions under the law. Any infraction, violation or deviation from that order will amount to serious contempt of Court for which a deviant official will be liable and likely to be punished. The issuance of above letter appears to be an attempt to intimidate and overawe the Judges who have not surrendered to the Chief of Army Staff. I, therefore, as a sitting Judge of the Lahore High Court direct the Registrar of this Court to explain as to why and at whose instance he issued this letter asking me to vacate my official residence. The reply shall be submitted within a month.


2 responses to “Justice Shahid Siddiqi’s eviction orders in Lahore”

  1. pejamistri Avatar

    Bravo Civil Society…
    Please do keep posted about the updates on this.

  2. Asalam O Alaiku Avatar
    Asalam O Alaiku

    Asalam O Alaikum

    1. Agar mein sahi hun aur government nay justice sahab ko ghar khali karnay ka kaha hai tau unko wahan say ghar chor dena chaheye. Lekin unki izzat aur salamti per haraf nahin ana chaheye.


    Agay hi mulki satah per sabiq cheif justice walay maslay mein hukumat aur istehkam e pakistan ko zik pohanchanay ki nakam koshish ki gaye hai. Aur sabiq chief justice ko a sadar sahab key khilaf buri tarah istemal kiya gaya hai. Is cheez ka andaza unko ek had tak tau ho ga hi.

    Adliya, Muqanana aur sobai hukumatien khud mukhtar aur azad hein aur apna kam sahi taur per kar rahi hein.