Vigil held to wish recovery and good health for Muneer Malik

mm-vigil-dec-7-2.jpgSeveral citizens responded to a call made by People’s Resistance to hold a “get well soon” vigil in front of SIUT where Mr. Muneer Malik, former President Supreme Court Bar Association, is under treatment.

Numbers started picking up quickly from a handful to about 25 people holding the vigil at any one time. One of the participants had his own brother admitted in the hospital and said that he wanted to join as “Mr. Muneer Malik was a brother to the entire nation” and he wanted to pray for his health along with the group standing there. Another lady, when asked why she was there replied that Quaid e Azam and his team created Pakistan and Mr. Muneer Malik and his friends were giving sacrifices to save it today. She said that holding this vigil was the least that she could do for today’s heroes.

mm-vigil-dec-7.jpgCandles were lit and the group stood silently with Mr. Muneer Malik’s pictures for over 3 hours. The vigil was held by a diverse group of people who came specially for this occasion. These included doctors, a professor, shopkeepers, IT professionals, a bus driver from interior Sindh and several unknown participants.

The family of Mr. Muneer Malik came down to see the vigil from a distance and were concerned that the group may not enter the hospital to visit Mr. Muneer Malik who needs complete rest. Once they were assured the group had no intention to disturb Mr. Muneer Malik and were there only to give their “get well” wishes from a distance, the family was satisfied.


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