People’s Resistance – Live with Talat


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  1. Farid Alam Advocate Avatar
    Farid Alam Advocate

    Suicide is a great sin in Islam. Suicide attacks in Pakistan are strongly condemned. But at the same time, we have to see the root causes of it. It is an open secret that when there is poverty, stress, no hope for future, outside interference has deprive a person from his pride and honour, no body listens or understands him, he attempt suicide as a last solution of his problems.

    Now let’s see the Present situation of our home, Pakistan; high level of inflation, huge debts, high level of unemployment, low and low standard literacy, divided people, ,water crises, electricity crises, high rate of electricity, petrol and gas, role of foreign powers( that has deprived its mass of their pride, and honour), discrimination, corruption, law like NRO, no justice, feudalism, lack of leadership, etc. and above all, MIGHT IS RIGHT.

    If you solve the mater by force of gun, for the time being you get the victory, but it creates an everlasting impact on the mind of the defeated person and he put all his efforts to manage a gun. After that the real battle starts. If the matter had been solved amicably with keeping the pride and honour of both the parties intact with love and justice, the situation would be ideal.

    Now with reference to the above, it is the matter of choosing the less sin out of the two, suicide on one side and rest on the other.

    Please, don’t wash the blood strain with blood. Find the real way, the way of hope, pride and honour.


    Farid Alam Advocate