Musharraf’s covert Propaganda Being Handled By Self-Proclaimed Master of Deception, Ahmed Quraishi

Author of “Thesis” that US is Plotting Against Musharraf May Actually be an Intelligence-Connected Propaganda Consultant; Says on His Own Website that he Creates “Immaculate DeceptionTailored to Your Senses”

By Farid Alvie

Ahmed Quraishi’s ”enlightening” articles have been doing the rounds on the net of late. One can only describe him as Pakistan’s very own Bill O’ Reilly (with just as much credibility!). And like O’ Reilly, his most used weapon of choice is the tag of ‘traitor’ and ‘unpatriotic’ for anyone who criticizes the government (or perhaps just el presidente, the now retired generalissimo), be they politicians, journalists, lawyers, academics, human rights activists, former army officers et al. It seems Mr. Quraishi gets his inspiration (along with his fake American accent) from Fox News.

Even a cursory look at his website might help one understand Mr. Quraishi’s “unbiased, journalistic, analytical, and professional” approach to issues he so passionately addresses in his articles. Mr. Quraishi’s website is studded with countless gems that reflect the luminosity of his brilliance, breadth of vision, and intellectual maturity.

For instance, in the ‘biography’ section of (also known as the ”tooting one’s own horn” section) we are informed that “Starting in the year 2003, Mr. Quraishi has lent his expertise to Furmaanrealpolitik political consulting firm originally based in Dubai.”

A look at the website of (who came up with this subtle name, one wonders?) helps answer questions people might entertain regarding Mr. Quraishi’s credibilty, motives and unique understanding of national and international affairs.

The ‘services’ offered by furmaanrealpolitik include “Intelligence, Research & Analysis;” “Surveillance & Confidential Investigations;” “Mobilization & Campaign Development;” and (my personal favorite) “Immaculate Deception Creations Tailored to Your Senses.” This ‘service’ is not only my favorite for the brilliant title it boasts but also for its content:

‘Immaculate Deception Creations Tailored to Your Senses’? Immaculate Deception… Are we talking about peddling untruths in order to deceive? Oh dear! So how do Mr. Quraishi and the boys at furmaanrealpolitik serve their clients? The website says: “Anyone can do TV. But we go a step further — we create…Our production can be tailored to business, political and military requirements.”

So whether it is Benazir Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif or Pervez Musharraf or the ISI or Coca Cola or Tapal Danedar Chai, the ”passionate” team at furmaanrealpolitik will sell its services to the highest bidder and come up with ”immaculately deceptive” techniques ”tailored” to their respective ”senses” (and by senses I am guessing Mr. Quraishi is not talking about a sense of decency here!).

Is Mr. Quraishi telling us that as part of a political consulting/lobbying firm that proudly lists on its website its expertise in conjuring up lies and deceptions, that he actually makes his living by peddling lies and untruths? Or as he calls them “immaculate deceptions?”

As an analyst and a journalist, what does this say about his work, his credibility?

Are we to understand that every word Mr. Quraishi pens is written on the behest of a client? Could it be that Mr. Quraishi’s ‘insightful and unique take on national and international affairs is as faux as his American accent and can vary depending on who bids the highest for his immaculately deceptive words?

In case Mr. Quraishi has misunderstood the meaning of the word deception and used it by mistake (and with the same casual attitude and effort with which he throws conspiracy theories and allegations about in his articles), let me offer the services of my humble thesaurus. Alternatives for the word deception are listed as: dishonesty, trickery, fraud, con, sham, trick, ruse, cheating… etc.

Forget about out the rest of the world, I wonder how seriously his own son, little Al Waleed, would take daddy dearest the next time he is instructed not to lie and to always tell the truth!

Farid Alvie is an academic based in the U.A.E.



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6 responses to “Musharraf’s covert Propaganda Being Handled By Self-Proclaimed Master of Deception, Ahmed Quraishi”

  1. shobz Avatar

    maybe he needs a course in “basic english 101” or “how to develop a real American accent in 7 days”. I thought this was the 21st century where we all have freedom of speech. now if i call musshy a liar i am automatically labeled a traitor. i wonder how much he got when he sold his soul to the devil. people like him will bend over backwards to please anyone.

  2. Faisalk Avatar

    Even if he is indeed a Master of deception then in the democratic environment we all want to happen he should have the freedom of speech to express his own opinion should he not? If we want him to shut up how are we different from what we are alleging him to be doing?

  3. Atif Abdul-Rahman Avatar

    haha, this is great stuff, did i say u were good…
    btw, i had a similar post on his consultancy:

  4. Wonder Boy Avatar
    Wonder Boy

    This fake guy is not worth your write up.

  5. Adnan Avatar

    Mr AQ has been offered a job with GEO. He is going to be joining there. People can write to the News and the GEO Management highlighting them as to what the real worth of AQ is in the Journalistic world.

  6. QaimKhani Avatar


    May be he was missed by the MQM Team (GEO) and now they are together…LOL