People’s Resistance Regal Chowk Rally

Today’s People’s Resistance Regal Chowk rally was a great success with over 500+ participants. During the rally I was able to capture some great images and here I have chosen to publish all the 150+ images while a shorter selection of 40 odd images can be viewed on my Google Web album which might be better suited for the media and layperson. If someone needs a higher resolution image then please drop a request here specifying which image you would like to have.


7 responses to “People’s Resistance Regal Chowk Rally”

  1. yo yo Avatar
    yo yo

    Hi Teeth, Can you tell me what are you trying to achieve with all this activism? I mean even if you succeed in your human rights issues what plan do you folks have to ensure the next goverment dosent do the same ?

  2. Rabble Rouser Avatar
    Rabble Rouser

    It’s the best fun we can have with our clothes on.

    And what do you mean by “you folks”? This is about your life too. It’s ridiculous that you should be challenging us and not the damned military establishment as well as all the so-called democratic leaders we’ve had all our misbegotten lives. Use your brain before it gets totally rusty and completely stops functioning.

  3. Adnan  Siddiqi Avatar

    Awab, did you read what Rana Bhagwan das said? he’s asking parties to participate in elections 2008.

  4. ilyas mohsin Avatar
    ilyas mohsin

    Our only HOPE in the face of multiple threats to Pakistan. If people join this struggle for the Restoration of Democracy/ Constitution, a Pakistani nation shall emerge.

  5. YASMEEN.A.ALI Avatar

    Remember ZAB had the honour to be our First & Only Civilian Martial Law Administrater!As Deputy Prime Minister with the Additional portfolio of Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs under Gen. Yahya, he tore up the Polish resolution in the full house in UN, committing our nation to the 1971 war which resulted in fall of Dacca.
    Is it the same PPP spearheaded by his power hungry, money grabbing daughter wanting democracy?What is she herself without the Bhutto name?Is THIS democracy?Or is it Dynastic Rule?

  6. Khan Avatar

    You are doing a great job. A country can only be viable if it protects its institutions and values its citizens. The pictorial history is valuable. Activism should be way of life. Keep up an excellent work.

  7. Naeem Shah Avatar
    Naeem Shah

    I would like to warn the participants of this forum about “Yasmeen Ali.” This lady (?) uses around 9-10 different e.mail addresses with different names, like Yasmeen Aftab Ali, Yasmeen Ali, Yasmeen Naveed, Yasmeen A. Ali, etc. etc. for various forums. She (?) prapogates Pakistani administration’s viewpoint at every forum and seem to be a character created by the agencies. She always requests for your contact address. All participants of this forum are warned not to give her their contact numbers or mailing addresses.