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Online Condolence Book for Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto

It is without doubt that an entire nation actually sheds a tear on the death of Benazir Bhutto, she was a hero to many, and rival to others, but the bottom line is that she was a brave leader of our nation and her struggles for democracy will not go unremembered. May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

In an attempt to provide the online community and opportunity to offer their condolences to the grieving family and literally thousands of Peoples Party supporters I would like to initiate this condolence book for Benazir Bhutto. I will make it my own responsibility to present the entire list to the offices of the Pakistan Peoples Party to be attached with the main condolence book. Please Pay your respects below


  • Pakistan Customizabl |

    Benazir symbolized a lot of things, both positive and negative, to us Pakistanis who grew up in the 90s. Charismatic and well educated, on the positive side, she represented hope and courage; however, on the negative side, the unprecendented corruption and murderous looting that marked her tenure in government was absolute hell for the so called “mohajirs” (people–and their children born in Pakistan–who migrated from India during or after the Partition in 1947

  • Raza M.Qureshi |

    Late Benazeer was no doubt intelligent, but she was greedy of power & seat,her this weakness attracted Hakim Ali Zardari,who traped Nusrat Bhutto and get married his son Asif Ali Zardari with Benazeer Bhutto.Since then Bhutto family's downfall started.Zardari who is criminal minded started his dirty game by killing two sons of Bhutto, and then tortured so much Nusrat Bhutto that she has gone in comma and the last targe was Benazeer.Now the devil is ruling,looting,killing his all opponents,increasing his assests & bank balances and dragging Pakistan towards complete destruction.Feel sorry for Bhutto's family,pray for

    them rest in peace.Ameen

  • sumiyah |

    ZINDA HAI BB …… ZINDA HAI…….. BENAZIR BUTTO SHAHEED always lives in our heartS.WE CAN NOT FORGET HER.never.ever.till our death…BENAZIR BUTTO SHAEED our country pakisatan will always miss you….MY GREAT LEADER………JYE BUTTO……SADA JYE.

  • Shair_OPEN_SOURCE |

    kabhee kai din barey

    aur kabhee kee raaat

    jhotee dukhtar-e-mashriq nai

    kiey thai kaee gharr barbaaad

    establishment kee gaud main,

    bohat thaa taqaaat kaa guman,

    yai to makafat-e-amal hai,

    mairee jaaaan,

    kal jis establishment kai sath,

    kiey tumney laaal haaath,

    aaj waqt badlaa hai sayyad,

    bohat khoon hain apkey hath,

    Abb pohnchee hain aap wahan,

    nahee jahan

    Surrey kai dar o deewar

    ek ek jhoot, ek ek qatal

    ek ek maqtool, ek ek swaal

    sabb poochaa jaey jaa jnaab,

    bohat khaee hai aapn nai,

    saaam-raaaj keee thaaal,

    sabb hogaa abb hisaaab,

    nahee chalteee wahan

    democracy keee chaaal,

    naa nasab chaltaa hai,

    naa aaal, naaa maaaaal,

    utaree jaatee hai wahan,

    Zalimon keee khaaaal

  • Qurban |

    Hi hum Sindhi aur sindh yateem hogaye hain Banazeer ki shadat ne jitna nuqsan sindh aur sindhion ko howa hay itna kise aur ka nahe howa hay.

  • ZUBAIR |

    Zubair Hussain

    we (PAKISTANI)will never forget her.She was barve leader of great Nation .