What choices do we have?

Guest Blog by Naeem Sadiq
posted on the People’s Resistance Network

One hopes that we have finally realised on a day as sad as this one, that the violence of the state and of fundamentalists can only take us to darker destinations. Never before have I witnessed such intense pain and sorrow, shared so much across the entire country as I saw on the evening of that fateful Thursday, when Benazir bade her final farewell. Moments of trial for a nation whose helpless citizens in a state of grief and distress feel utterly confused, uncertain and anxious about what might happen next.

Pakistan today stands at crossroads where it must choose between a civilised, peaceful, progressive and democratic path or disintegrate under an illegitimate , one person dictatorial rule. The choices are limited and the time is short. There may be one last opportunity to make amends and change the course of events. Perhaps a set of demands such as the ones listed below may help to unify the shattered people and provide a new roadmap for the future.

  1. Musharraf must resign and be made accountable for constitutional violations before a court of law.
  2. The 1973 constitution as it stood on 12 October 1999 be restored.
  3. The pre November 3 judiciary must be restored and all PCO judges removed.
  4. A new neutral and caretaker government and an independent election commission be appointed to hold elections within 3 months.

Clearly this could happen only if these demands are backed by political parties as well as a large segment of civil society. Now is the time to close ranks, regardless of political affiliations and ideologies. A time to choose a peaceful and democratic future, and say goodbye to the politics of violence. The future of Pakistan may well hinge on an unequivocal expression of this choice.


2 responses to “What choices do we have?”

  1. M Junaid Khan Avatar
    M Junaid Khan

    I got a forwarded message containing some numbers regarding the benazir bhutto. It seems her un lucky number is 9 as per the calculations which the number wizards have done. I had to verify it before publishing it on my wizard and did add some more to it as few more unfortunate numbers also turned out to be 9.
    It is just numbers so dont take them too serious!
    M J K

  2. Internationalist Avatar

    Asalamo Alikum,

    The problems of Pakistan are growing day by day in all sectors of life. I believe the reason behind all these problems are the ruling class of Pakistan and the system of secular democracy which has brought Pakistan on this brink of disaster. The option left with us is neither democracy nor dictatorship; rather the only viable solution is Islam and the system of khilafah.
    We have tried all types of systems in Pakistan and these systems were doomed to fail because it does not represent believe of the people and the ruler never reflect the feeling and emotions of the people and the masses. The system of democracy has not just failed in Pakistan rather in the whole world. Capitalism is unable to look after the affairs of people in the world.

    Indeed the world is in dire need of Ideological change and the vacuum created by capitalism could only be filled with the ideology of Islam. So we should not refer to the system which is the root cause of all our problems which always bring elites in the ruling not only in Pakistan but in those countries which are considered as models of democracy like India, USA and Britain. Only a handful people are enjoying a luxuries life at the expense of millions and billions of people.

    In Pakistan in the last 60 years we have seen only those people could come into power who are land lords, industrialists and business men. They spent millions of rupees to secure seat in the parliament because they know that after becoming a parliamentarian they would play the role of God. What ever they say would become a law for others, they can make right wrong and a wrong right.

    Khilafah state will implement Islam in all sectors of life and will re-unify the Ummah and will use abounded of recourses for the welfare of this ummah and will protect the Blood, dignity, wealth, resources, unity and above all aqeedah of this Ummah. Khilafah will not only take the Muslim ummah out from this severe intellectual and political decay rather it will also take the whole of humanity out from the severe darkness of capitalism to the light of Islam.

    It is not the only solution left with us rather it is obligatory to work for the re-establishment of khilafah state.