Bhutto blames Musharraf if killed, email two months earlier

Benazir Bhutto in CarTwo months before her death, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto sent an e-mail to her U.S. adviser and longtime friend, saying that if she were killed, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf would bear some of the blame. “Nothing will, God willing happen,” she wrote to Mark Siegel, her U.S. spokesman, lobbyist and friend.

“Just wanted u to know if it does in addition to the names in my letter to Musharaf of Oct 16nth, I wld hold Musharaf responsible. I have been made to feel insecure by his minions and there is no way what is happening in terms of stopping me from taking private cars or using tinted windows or giving jammers or four police mobiles to cover all sides cld happen without him.”Watch the video of Wolf Blitzer on CNN talking about this letter

Musharraf, hide all you might, but sadly you have been found wanting



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7 responses to “Bhutto blames Musharraf if killed, email two months earlier”

  1. Wonder Boy Avatar
    Wonder Boy

    Arrest Kiyani(Coas), Musharraf(Fake prez) and Taj(ISI), These three army bastards sobs are ruining Pakistan.

  2. Aamir Altaf Avatar
    Aamir Altaf

    It is time to publicly hang Musharraf and the Chaudhries of Gujrat.

  3. Naveed Avatar

    Mush is responsible of this tragic incident. Why did he not pay any heed to the BB’s and other politicians demand and formed a concensus caretaker govt. that would have been truly neuttral and had the trust and confidence of all stake holders. Rather the dictator opted for a hand picked team, criteria being loyalty with the dictator. And they started from where the ex slaves like Durrani, Sherpao and Wasi “Duffer” had left and that is, lying point blank. The new interior minister claimss Judges are not under house arrest but free to go any where. Yet the whole nation knows less that rascal Interior minster that all judges with “zameer” are under house arrest. Yes those who bowed down to the dictator’s command are free ofcourse.
    The only standard the dictator has is to find characterless persons like himself. If he had any character, he would surely resigned on Mov 27, 2007 when BB was assasinated in the capital city.
    The scheme of the dictator and his allies is to finish politics from Pakistan. There will be more such violence so that political workers get afraid and lose faith. Violence will continue so that real politicians do not get the gatherings as they were getting and exposing those artificial politicians of Q league that the dictator has so proudly been presenting as true democracy.
    The conspiracy is that people should stop attending public meetings of leaders like Nawaz Sharif and BB due to fear of bombs and suicide attacks. If this happens then the task of “a grand dhandly” becomes much easier for the establishment. Otherwise whole nation is watching the public response towards Nawaz and BB and already knows the results.

    The solution is the ouster of dictator. We will not be able to live a peaceful life till the time the nation is held captivein in the claws of the dictator.
    And look at the true face of the dictator. He dare not release Aitezaz Ahsan to attend the burrial of BB. He is too afraid and that gives the nation hope. The coward is approaching his end fast.
    In the end salute to BB for showing courage and going to the awam inspite of threats for life from the establishment. Since she was a leader and not the dictator, that she could have sit tight ans stay away from the common public and save her life. Like the dictator is doing. Since he is not from the public , he sit tight in his cage and dare not comeout to public.
    And only time will tell what amount the nation had to pay in the name of security of the dictator and his family.


  4. M A  Hyder Avatar
    M A Hyder

    ATTN: MR.CHEEMA the liar
    Here is the transcript intercepted by civil society. b/w Musharraf and someone called Choudary Guj Sahib.. Sorry this conversation is in Hypocrite(official language of Pakistani elite) so translation may have linguistic errors
    Mushy: Salam CH. GuJ
    Choudary Guj Sahib; Walakum salam
    Mushy: Mubarakan
    Choudary Guj Sahib: Khair Mubarak
    Mushy: Thanks God She almost Wiped you and yours Talented Couisin out from Politics
    Choudary Guj; and Pakistan oh….i mean u naked emperor were also gone. Good Job you r a real commando to your own people. Thank you for helping us. Mushy:YOU WELCOME.Any thing else i can do for you Choudary Guj; Na.wa..z, well i mean not Now but who did it Malik Qayyum? Mushy:No i gave him rest after Murder of Supreme court, it was someone Cheema recommended..Choudary Guj;Brave boy.. Congratulation again

  5. Hasnain Avatar

    Dear All,

    Everybody should behave like a responsible person. What MH Hyder has written is totally false… Please, We can’t hold Pak Govt responsble only.. Benazir and her fellows like Rehman Malik (so called security advisor) are themselves responsible for this sad incident. Where were their personal security guards??? Why Benazir is exposed in her bullet/bomb proof car??? This will not happen if she is inside her car. No body can stop assasination attempt.. There are examples of JF Kennedy, Liaquat Ali Khan and many more…

  6. aisha Avatar

    it is amazing how insanely emotional our nation is.
    i mean she was the premier of pakistan twice and remind me all of you what exactly did she do for our country?
    not much really! it is sad,very tragic too because she was a woman and a mother but we need to think and understand that pakistan comes first no matter what!
    ehr killing should and ought to be condemned but what is the point of causing damage to this country our own country? pakistan isnt because of bhutto, bhutto was becuase of pakistan and therefore, it is our duty to stay united against all external forces and internal miscreants! we need to learn from our mistakes and wake up as a nation and its high time we put an end to this blame game!just think! every word we say and every step we take can either make this country or destroy it!

  7. tamz Avatar

    miss aisha the question is not what she did for the country the question is does a leader desreve to be slain like this. how insanely stupid ur alas its coz of people like u that the govt can do wtever t wants .as for the damge caused to hell with it u took away peoples only hope away from them how else r they going to behave. put yourself in bilawals shoes and ud know. think prudently before saying such careless things. long live bhutto. kuul bhee bhutto zinda thaa aaj bhee bhutto zinda hau no wonder pakistan cant progress when competent people r so conveniently killed. shame shame shame