Bhutto’s Assassination Evidence Hosed Down

This video captured from a cell phone shows a shocking detail of how ruthlessly the Rawalpindi firefighters destroyed the crime scene. Some may argue that they might have scraped the scene completely before authorizing it to be cleansed. But with all the confusion surrounding the assassination and that too of an Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan I would suspect they would work a lot harder then merely picking up the trash. No wonder they have their story all mixed up




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3 responses to “Bhutto’s Assassination Evidence Hosed Down”

  1. Jawan Avatar

    This is called removal of evidence. And by the way who must have ordered and supervised it?

  2. Imran Sohail Avatar
    Imran Sohail

    This is what I call Mush “washing his hands off” the assasination

  3. Sam Avatar

    Last night (in the USA) GEO TV showed some “GEO exclusive” photographs of the vehicle of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. The amount of blood shown in the vehicle can not be a result hitting a lever or letch. So far I can not find these photographs on the web. I think these are important photographs. I hope soon they will be made available on the web.