Channel 4 Releases the Assassination Video

Its great to know that the assassination video finally got released and landed straight into the hands of the international media, in all honesty had if it reached some of our local Post-PCO-Controlled Media outlets in Pakistan it would have disappeared into history similar to the controversy surrounding the JFK Video. All day yesterday I was in close contact with a few journalists both local and international but we were unable to get anything done since the contact had somehow disappeared, we speculated the work of agencies etc but today hats off to Channel 4. Welcome to the new world of CITIZEN JOURNALISM



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16 responses to “Channel 4 Releases the Assassination Video”

  1. M@ni Avatar

    Well done Musharaf, you are once again proven bastard… I am really waiting for the next excuse by the mush regime..they really make things interesting

  2. shobz Avatar

    i second that. glad that people can see the truth via the new video. musshy and his merry men must be shaking in their boots now that no one believes their stupid theories.

  3. Dr Farrukh Malik Avatar

    Hats off to teeth, hats off to citizen journalism. Thanks God it is public and in good hands. Teeth I would like to appreciate your efforts to unveil and point towards truth!!!

  4. SHaiTaaN Avatar

    good job doc saheb, well govt shud revise their statement and say the truth now atleast now everything has proven and their failure and false statements are been proven wrong.

    if i get this cheema mail id i would ask him to see this vdo and then ask him : hey x army leader wht does your exprience do speak the truth not the govt lingo..?

    now BB is gone govt has got the loss of billion of Rs. now speak the truth GOD damit…. now wht will be done more.. here atleast speak the truth…. the image of govt is down and will down till mushi is at seat.

    will govt feel degraded if they accepted the truth that its their lack of providing the security.. huh … do tht and move further…

  5. Zoaib Avatar

    See this video:

    shows a suspected person who may have been involved in the attack

  6. Dr! Avatar

    What does this video prove any way? It just shows the same stuff we have watched before, except the words of journalist terming GOVT doing a coverup…

    Well, I don’t care if she was killed by the shots or by head banging on the car.

    I think other corrupt politicians and generals meet the same fate too :).

  7. Quresh Avatar

    hmmmm I dont understand y ppl are showing sympathy to a woman who was a puppet of USA.

    She wanted to do the following things:

    1. Hand over Qadeer Khan to CIA/FBI
    2. She wanted to make sure that the CIA/FBI controlled and secured Pakistans Nuclear Weapon
    3. She wanted to hand over the borders of Pakistan to be patrolled by the Nato forces.

    Do you think I am a besharam Paki and will let some woman who spent millions of aid money of Pakistan for her personal use let do all those 3 things??????

    I do not support Musharif and I do not support any of the politicans cos they are all corrupt “£$tards.

    May she rest in peace but she had it coming to her and I for one am happy for a fact that pakistan has one less corrupt politican to think about in the future.

  8. Dr! Avatar


    No, its the image portrayed by MEDIA.

    I do not support MUSH and I’m glad that one of our problems is gone, a few still remain.

    Looks like, we LIKE IT OR NOT, We are being cleaned some how :).

  9. JoeBlo Avatar

    Whats in a name

    Ask this question to Mr 10%. He won a lottery ticket the day he married BB and as of today he keeps winning.

    Now all the children of Zardari are named Bhutto Zardari. Any thing can happen in Pakistan and if the stake is higher, the last names can be altered too.
    I had no problem when BB used the last name as Bhutto. Her father was Bhutto. But for the Zardaris, doesn’t matter at all, as long as their is profit out of it.

  10. New Years Wish Avatar
    New Years Wish

    Here is hoping that all the horrid feudal politicians and Pseudo Feudal Army and everyone who considers Pakistan their personal family business all get shot in the head. That would be the sweetest thing.

  11. MK Avatar

    The graving facts that were ignored by the govt.

    extremely informative piece…master piece…good work

  12. Asif Ali Avatar
    Asif Ali

    I think government also right on that time, because this is the only strategy we can see to cool down people who are really love her or making their funs and going to kill whole country in fire, as you can see after this statement people are going to cool down, but government must watch this out again and revised the statement, excellent work by channel 4 and his team.

  13. asim Avatar

    people like you are blood thirsty, no less than the killers on streets of Pakistan, want everyone killed who does not conform to your twisted ideals and crooked views.

  14. Khamiso Avatar

    its all bull shit and nothing new, all have been released days before on media It is 100% an accident and she hit the lever of sunroof. This day was written for her. USA, Europe and every force which is anti Pakistan trying to take advantage. pl don’t do it try to findout who Killed Kenedy. Banir Bhutto was an asset for Pk doesn’t matter how crupt her party was and still Is and will always be. Zardari must be the happiest man on earth, he even changed the names of his off springs for power, I am surprised why he didnt change his own Name! His name indicates his love for wealth-ZAR-DAR-I

  15. Khamiso Avatar

    The international agencies must investigate why Zaradarie’s Jial friends which he confessed in front of media were at that site , what they were doing overthere and Was Bazir Shahiba was aware of this fact that she has been surounded by criminals? Heart cries over her innocent death but look at PPP how many innocets have been killed and destroyed on the name of reaction. Shame on PPP. I feel ashamed to be Sindhi.

  16. Munsif Ali Jatoi Avatar
    Munsif Ali Jatoi

    the death of Mohtarma benazir Bhutto has shocked every politicaly awared sindhi and so far as the question of the corruption is concerned that the govt was unable to prove any corruption charges against her inspite of the using all the govt machinery ruthlessly.
    We are proud to be Sindhi because sindh has always given her blood whenever pakistan is in trouble.