Issue of Nuclear Deterrance for Pakistan

Guest Comment by Dr Arif Alvi

Pakistan at risk grenadeThe issue of Nuclear Deterrence in unsafe hands is increasing in proportion and is becoming dangerous enough for me to believe that it will get worse until actual force is used to neutralize our nuclear assets.

I feel uncomfortable in stating that I pointed these matters out since the beginning of the deal discussion. I spoke on Sajjad Mirs TV1 program many a time and other channels, before and during Lal Masjid standoff, when there were just indications of a deal, that the deal would not be welcome by the people. The deal implied US prescription to counter terrorism, and I said it would lead to more violence on innocent, more terrorism, bomb blasts and chaos leading to further enunciation of the argument that nuclear deterrence is in unsafe hands resulting in US led action to take it out and balkanization. Balkanization is no more a dirty word, frequently used by Mohtarma Benazir and now by Asif and Bilawal and others too. The war on terrorism is feeding on itself. More terror. more action.. and more terror with collapse of countries and societies.

Now friends, Al Baradaei and others are continuously harping on this issue making me believe that they would do that for about six months (like in Iraq), while situation will get worse in Pakistan, and then they will strike. All US think tanks are already stating that action will have to be taken.

The situation is dangerous and we Pakistanis must take the initiative to defuse this. How? This is for PR to suggest to its circle of friends. We as a political party are probing a line of action. Mr Imran Khan made a statement upon his release that whoever is in power, and he named BB, NS and others, we assure the world that our nuclear assets shall remain in safe hands.

I personally feel our differences aside we must unite on this issue and if needed sit with the government also. However Pakistan has to be brought together. A broad jirga beyond selfish political strategies can still bring people together. Requires responsible leadership and grass root strength.



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9 responses to “Issue of Nuclear Deterrance for Pakistan”

  1. Internationalist Avatar

    Asalamo Alikum,

    Very true and analysis and I would say that our rulers are partner in these crimes with USA. we have to get rid from these corrupt rulers along with there corrupt system and replace it with Islamic khilafah which will not only protect this Ummah rather will protect her resources, honor, Unity and Aqeedah and which will re-unify the army of this ummah and will utilize the army for the protection of this Ummah and not against her.

    Khilafah is the only option and a viable solution for the problems of this Ummah and of the world.


  2. Raza Avatar

    What are you on about man?! In a country where sectarian strife has boiled over to the extent of war – in Parachinar. What unity are you talking about when one sect believes it can’t pray behind the other. There is no way in hell this UMMAH can unite anytime soon.

    As for the artcile, I agree with what Arif sahab says but something tells me this need for a “broad jirga beyond selfish political strategies” will, I’m afraid, remain wishful thinking.

  3. Silence Avatar

    To be very honest as a human being, can any country be allowed to posses nuclear weapons while in a state of civil war?

    Why we are crying while international community is expressing same concers?

    I have lost any hope about future of our homeland the day Bhutto was assasinated, Baluchistan was already burning, the FATA was being bombed and became a factory to produce succide bombers and with assasination of Bhutto, Sindh was handed over to terrorists who burned everything so that blame can go on PPP, although PPP workers damaged properties during protests but the mass burning of Trains, Railway Stations and public properties is a preplanned act of our agencies, it is surely not an act of PPP workers.

    It was the first ray of hope when Zardari raised salogan of “Pakistan Live” and that bring a little calm and solidarity. However that was not according to plans of Musharaf gang and agencies planning so they have started regestring cases against PPP workers and around 200,000 people has been arrested so far, its the part of a plan to push Sindhi’s in to same fire in which rest of Pakistan is burning.

    Pre poll rigging is going on and our ISI and other agencies are using all resources to ensure success for “Kings Party”, it dont need a genius to see the future that with these polls we are entering in to a state of civil war, which will start right on polling day, if ISI goes according to its plans.

    Once this situation develops, USA and ISI will induct the Jihadi forces in to protests and accelrate voilance and unrest and give a valid reason to world community to interfare, obviously the first step would be to posses our nuclear assets.

    This is nothing new in Pakistan, our corrupt Army has done samethings to keep Yahya, Ayub and Zia in power even we lost half of Pakistan and now once again they are going to play same role on cost of Pakistan.

    The only thing which can save this dying state is an independent JUDICIARY, if we had an independent judiciary in 1971, Pakistan would not had been divided.

    Protests or gatherings would not help unless we see some shame in our army who comes out to save country for once in our history (its pretty impossible), throughs Musharaf out, free the Judges in custody and conducts a fair election with a concensus govertment.

    Will this happen, will our Army once think about Pakistan and stand against her own Generals plans may be a miricle, but only a miricle can save Pakistan today.

  4. shobz Avatar

    i just feel that this nuclear assets issue is getting out of hand. I shudder when i think of what could happen. I certainly hope that our country stays intact and people understand that it is all a game to split us up so that they can have an excuse to take out our N-assets. I pray for our beloved country everyday and hope that we stay safe.

  5. shobz Avatar

    I am troubled when i keep hearing about the Nuclear assets falling into the wrong hands. I pray that our country stays united in every way and won’t let conspiracies divide us. The international media has a habit of going overboard all the time. I hope that all our fears are just a result of some paranoid conspiracy theorist who has too much time on his hand to dream up of such schemes. If we stick together and stay united we can thwart such nefarious schemes. A united Pakistan is a safe Pakistan.

  6. MB Avatar

    Excellent summary & analysis Mr. Arif Alvi saheb.

    No matter how many difference we have among ourselves we wont allow USA to dictate our national interest. All parties should unite on this one issue and assure the world that we are capable enough to look after our assets.

    Even with all the hate for the ARMY that cropped up recently we are confident that they are fully capable of defending any incident.

    Moreover the WESTERN media should stop selling wars, just like they did before IRAQ invasion.

  7. Ammar Avatar

    come on guys all ( all of those wh wrote above)
    remember the oxford publishing press forgot to print pakistan in 1948 word map thinking it will not exists but we came over that ,bangaladesh got seperated becoz of its geopraphy but the four provinces can never seperated it is not physically possible if any body tries to do that weather internally or externally will be in vain becoz we the people will totaly reject it “PAkistan is here to stay for a long time “

  8. Jawan Avatar

    This had to happen. Why Zionist lobby was so lethal Iraq of Saddam Hussain? Why was Iraq dragged into the war and now the same war has been so cleverly turned into war on terror. We have a short memory. We have forgetten that war against Iraq was started on the claim that Iraq was preparing chemical / mass destruction weapons? And who was being threatened with these weapons? USA? UK or Europe? No. Only ISrael. LAter it was revealed that there were no such weapons found after the Islamic country was conquered. Later when the Iraqis tried to defend the their homeland, the resisitant movement was turned into the war against terror so conviniently. All the fools of the world, including our genieus dictator, believe that this war of freedom is actually war against terror. Everyone is dancing to the tune of USA.

    Now think for a moment. If Israel was feeling so insecure on the basis of false intelligence reports about the Iraqi chemical weapons, howcome Israel can tolerate that an Islamic state i.e. Pakistan is allowed to possess neuclear weapons? They know and have firm belief that these weapons wiil be finally used against them as per their teachings and scripture. Islam also confirms that after the arrival of Hazrat Isa, final battle will be fought against jews, under his command and every Jew will be killed. There are several authentic ahadiths on the subject from last Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

    In view of above, please remember that Israeli lobby had to come after Pakistan’s neuclear weapons. Afghanistan and Iraq wars were mere eyewash preparing for the actual zionist lead assault against those Islamic countries which may pose threat against the state of Israel. Pakistan, being in posssession of neuclear weapons is a prime target.

    So wakeupdear countrymen before it is too late. The consiparcy has been hatched long ago and all the things are falling place accodingly. Recent events should be looked in the same background. Look at the reaction of USA on killing of Benazir? How astonishingly mild? Sometime back USA wanted to see her in power and worked out famous deal in the shape of “Natinal Reconciliation Ordinance”. After some arm twisting, the desired results have been guaranteed by USA from the rulers. Now BB was no longer required. Think…….think…. and think deep… Before it is too late

  9. Rana Asim Avatar

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