Postal workers in Lahore buying Votes for Rs 1,500 ($25) only ?

Vote BribeExposing election rigging is a tough job. as the onus of proof generally lies on the accuser, hence usually very tough to prove, at times opposing parties may even try to set each other up simply to humiliate them and pull a few extra votes in the process, everything seems to be fair in our elections. I on the other hand believe if we hear of any such report, it must be shared with everyone opening the argument to a larger audience, allow the case at hand be scrutinized in the hope that it can be verified or refuted when exposed to a larger reader base, little good will it do lying in my email box, since I cannot physically head out to confirm.

Since yesterday a number of reports have slowly trickled in saying that postal workers specifically in the Gulberg, Lahore going from door to door asking people for their National ID cards in exchange for Rs.1,500 ($25). This story might not be too far fetched, as every person is feeling the economic pressure and any spare change offered by filthy rich candidates does help the poor survive in this crushing economy. I quote an email verbatim, which I has already been forwarded to a number or monitoring agencies in the hope of getting some form of verifications,

AA from Lahore: I would like to share some vote rigging info. In Gulberg area Lahore, the postmen are going around giving Rs.1500/house on behalf of the ruling party and in return they want a copy of N.I.C as verification that they have paid the money.
Question 1. Who is funding this and can private individuals use the post office to buy votes, or is the govt. money being spent to buy votes.
Question 2 . what are they going to do with photocopies of N.I.C
This is perhaps the most clear case of vote rigging and it should be highlighted in the press and to the election commission.

Immediately following this email another one stumbles in saying

Z wrote: I can verify that this in fact is happening! They are especially going around to the ‘bastis‘ [temp housing for the poor] in Gulberg and targeting specific houses there, playing on the needs of the poor

But what really urged me to open this up on my blog was when an activist of the Peoples Resistance came forth with roughly the same story.

MJ writes: The PML (q), in fact former CM Pervaiz Ilahi is paying Rs 1500 to members of a household in exchange for a promise to vote for the q league in the polls. The letter that comes along with the money has Pervaiz Ilahi’s face on it, his signature and a seal of the govt of Punjab! It is the most obvious violation of election rules and was reported by Dawn a few weeks ago. Someone I know of, accepted the money and distributed it amongst her domestic help, with a promise that she will vote for the Q league. When in actual fact this lady has no intention of even stepping out on the polling day for fear of violence. So the violation must be highlighted, but sadly for the powers that be, bribing the electorate may still not ensure a victory.

I accept that until fully verified these reports could be entirely false but I hope that a collective effort by readers here can help verify such reports, but if not then its important to open the floor up for discussions on the various methods used by campaigners in the past and if this menace can indeed be stopped. I assure you the international community is anxiously trying to understand the intricacies of our rigged election process. Any one care to take a jab at this


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  1. Kamran Avatar

    Andher Nagri, Chopat Raja – What else do you expect. No wonder the newly popular version of Pakistan Zindabad is ‘Pakistan se zinda bhaag’.

  2. Khalid R Hasan Avatar
    Khalid R Hasan

    I don’t see the point of collecting a photocopy. One needs the original in order to vote.

  3. Haris Avatar

    I verify this as well. They were distributing rs. 1500 as eidi from moonis elahi before eid in model town area.

  4. Ahsan Khalid Avatar
    Ahsan Khalid

    Army rise against Kiyani and musharraf, execute the traitors, Save Pakistan

  5. Silence Avatar


    This money is not Eidi from Monis Elahi.

    It's money from Baitul Mal's Food Stamp Scheme.

    It was first inveted by traitor Zia who established Baitul Mal, collected money from farmers and used it for buying poor's votes for his cronies.

    What actually happens is "Kings Party's" appointed Chairman of baitulmal will make the lists of people who are willing to sell vote due to extreme poverty, then use the money in Food Stamp scheme to pay them, normally one recieveing money will have to swear on Holy Quran that he will vote for government candidate and handover a copy of his NIC to send to candidate as a reciept.

    On polling day the local chairman of Baitul Mal who is obviously from government paty will ensure that people who swear on Holy Quran keep their oath and vote for government paty.

  6. Sarah Avatar

    My father, who lives in Gulberg, received a money order of Rs.1500 a couple of days ago. They didn’t ask for a copy of the NIC, they just wanted to see it when they gave him the MO. The MO came from the ‘Kafalat Fund’ and was signed by Pervaiz Ellahi. One of the servants also received it and now he absolutely intends to vote for Moonis Ellahi!

  7. Sarah Avatar

    My dad who lives in Gulberg received Rs.1,500 from the Kafalat fund and the letter was signed by Pervaiz Ellahi. One of the servants also received it and he totally intends to vote for Moonis Ellahi now.

  8. Sarah Avatar

    My dad who lives in Gulberg received Rs.1,500 in the form of an MO from the Kafalat fund and the letter was signed by Pervaiz Ellahi. One of the servants also received it and he totally intends to vote for Moonis Ellahi now.

  9. MB Avatar

    A NATION that sells its loyalty @1500 rupee, unit

  10. Sajid Iqbal Avatar

    These people needed to be killed, nothing low than this.

  11. observer Avatar

    If the things are happening in the GULBERG Lahore,,, and so far if its happening with the KACCHI abadis then it makes sense,, because those poor people are deprived they can sell their votes atleast,, for money,, but as far I knows gulberg is an elite place in lahore,, so,, I am wondering if they are sending just 1500 Rs to get their votes,, isnt it funny,??, and non realistic..
    By the way,, do you guys think, if people are really going to cast their votes on election day, or they would prefer to stay in home watching TVs and claiming the rigging in elections.. and at the same times the vote will be casting using their IDs..,, How easy and comfortable for them,, isn’t it..? I am quite convinced about the second option because I know how much the people have conscious about their NATIONAL DUTIES in pak,, I am talking about whole pakistan.,. So, in my opinion,, there is no wonder if people are selling their votes in a place like GULBERG in lahore,,, In this way they are making quite satisfy themselves,, because in the other possibility they are not going to cast their votes in anyways,. Thanks to WHOEVER providing the great opportunity like that…

  12. Aasim Ch. Avatar
    Aasim Ch.

    HAPPY 14 August (63th) Aasim