Pakistans Nuclear Integrity under International threat

Dr Arif Alvi shares his genuine thoughts and concerns of how he percives the buildup of an American threat to our nuclear arsenal. The recent comments and indicators seriously show that it is not too far to imagine that very soon the US will in all likelihood may engage the United Nations (like their false / fake arguments they used to prempt the invasion of Iraq) to help them secure the Pakistani nuclear arsenal and demote Pakistan from the “nuclear club”.

This is a copy of his email to the People’s Resistance network urging them & the citizens of Pakistan to shed their own differences & lobby against such upcoming threats for the sake of Pakistan

  1. First Pak nukes were started as a subject discussion with their falling in wrong hands as a doomsday scenario and a possibility, started deliberately by US neocons, think tanks and the CIA.
  2. Endorsed recently by Bush Administration where they allowed US to intervene in FATA areas when considered necessary.
  3. Next all American Presidential candidates (Democrats & Republicans) seriously suggest US & GB jointly keep a tab on PAK nukes barring Bill Richardson.
  4. The head of UN atomic watchdog El Baradei states and endorses that their passing into wrong hands is a serious possibility needing action. (9Th Jan,08)
  5. Next it will be a unanimous resolution by UN security council to monitor and subsequently denuke Pakistan.
  6. The International community will move in militarily on the slightest internal turmoil here.


Lets see how we face this challenge of our survival ?????

For God sake, it is time to act now , become united and the jokers in power should transfer power to the democratic forces immediately to face this grave challenge. Later there will be enough time to settle our personal scores and agendas.

Dr Arif Alvi


One response to “Pakistans Nuclear Integrity under International threat”

  1. mohsin Avatar

    joker must be held.Army must understan.nation go for right
    or be slave to slave.dont play with the name of allah guided by kath mulla. no time now