Update @ 1935: Over 10 arrested outside Bhagwandas House

BREAKING NEWS: At 6:30 donzens of members of People’s Resistance & CMKP staged a peaceful candle light vigil outside the house of Rana Bhagwandas. The members were stationed near the gate of his house holding candles and all off a sudden the lights were switched off in the area and within the darkness the police moved in make arrests to take over 10 particpants into custody. Reports are coming in that they were taken to Darakshan Police station and iwll be released soon.

Arrested include Asad Umar (PR), Lala Hussain (PR), Saad (PR), Kamran Noorani (PR), Danish (CMKP), Faisal (CMKP) & Zafar (CMKP) – more names to follow as we are being confirmed



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One response to “Update @ 1935: Over 10 arrested outside Bhagwandas House”

  1. S.A.Mallal Avatar

    Arresting people for holding a peaceful candle light vigil is absolutely disgraceful to say the least. This only goes to show how nervous Mushrraf is. He is nervous because he has occupied the office of the President through illegal acts.