Pictures of the Peaceful Vigil outside J. Bhagwandas’s House

The People’s Resistance would like to share with the world images from the ‘peaceful’ candle light vigil held outside the house of Justice Rana Bhagwandas who has been placed under house arrest since yesterday. Civil Society members showed up today to show their support and solidarity with the honorable justice during this difficult time. It is during this vigil that police felt the need to arrest eight male members and harrassed the female members.


2 responses to “Pictures of the Peaceful Vigil outside J. Bhagwandas’s House”

  1. Jawan Avatar

    We have not seen any ethics of the dictator’s regime. These days after killing the judicial system of Pakistan, they are feeling that they can do any thing. Detention of Real Judges is absolutely un-ethical and criminal. Govt. wants that every one who tries to speak out their illegal steps, be arrested and put behind bars. These rulers want to see a silent Pakistan. Aitezaz Ahsen is held captive in his home by these rulers and it is dpelorable.

    Present “Jaali” judges are watching silently and thats the reason they have been placed where they are. The whole nation knows their real face and will throw them out of the offices soon by joint peoples movement Insha Allah.

  2. Not too many people Avatar
    Not too many people

    Karachi, that is not a very good turnout for such an important cause.