Authoritarian antics of the Establishment by Arusha Noorani

A truly heartfelt email sent by Arusha Noorani daughter of Kamran Noorani one of the People’s Resistance activists who was arrested outside Justice Bhagwandas’s House two days back. The last paragraph truly reflects the frustrations of practically everyone in Pakistan

My parents were part of a peaceful vigil yesterday outside deposed judge, Justice Bhagwandas’ house, to protest against his virtual house arrest. Police mobiles arrived and picked up some of the men in the group, including my father and Salahuddin Ahmed a close friend (who had previously been arrested in connection with the lawyers movement). They were released late at night after a request was put in, however an FIR was registered against them. They were allegedly disrupting the peace. Sections 147 and 148 of the Pakistan Penal Code deal with rioting and rioting with a deadly weapon (candles???).

Ironic that peace activists are accused of disrupting the peace. What peace? And at what price? Must people barricade themselves in their homes and public figures disappear from the public eye to achieve this peace. I wonder how long this cavalier attitude towards citizens rights will continue.



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3 responses to “Authoritarian antics of the Establishment by Arusha Noorani”

  1. Silence Avatar

    This is not the first time in our history that our agencies are killing the peace.

    In times of poets like Habib Jalib, peace activists and civil society was never able to stay out of prison while the “Jihadi’s” roamed around in SUV’s with dozens of AK 47’s and police never bothered to stop them, once again we are going through same process but this time resistance is much stronger.

    In times of Military dictatorship the meanings of everything change, the peace activists become terrorists, the crazy Mullah’s become peacekeepers, the lawyers and judges are put in prison and terrorists are free to blow innocent people.

    I hope this dictator will also burn like previous dictators.

  2. Jawan Avatar

    Keep the spirits high Arusha, the whole nation is with you and your dad. These are the people who are fighting the dictator on the streets and that too without breaking any law. These citizens are concious of their rights and want to express their hatred for the dictator’s step to dislodge the judiciary to save his evil skin.

    The day is not far off when Insha Allah we will be honouring those who suffered and scarificed for the cause of democracy and rule of law in the country.

    May salute to your all.

  3. majid ahmed Avatar

    I have a lock before 150 years.