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Massive protest in London against Musharraf

Join Asma Jehangir, Imran Khan, Jemima Khan, PTI, PML-N, PPP and others at Demo outside Downing Street, London

A massive protest is being planned against Musharraf in UK. All concerned, students, lawyers, civil societies, political party workers, etc. are invited to come to this protest. If you are in or around London on the 28th, please try to come. The plan is to bring people from all backgrounds holding the flags of their political parties or the flag of Pakistan in case you don’t support any political party to represent the much united resistance movement against Musharraf.

Date: Monday January 28th 2008
Time: 11.30 AM
Location: 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA
Tube: Westminister Station


  • Sak |

    Musharraf is “our sonofabitch” to use the term used by the British journalists(i.e.Strongly supported by the only super power in the world(U.S.A. and their poodle U.K.)Given the Wests long history of double/triple standards and more so in recent years I dont think these protests will make any difference.
    We know the results of the million man march in London to stop the illegal war on Iraq.

  • sharuk |

    this is a great example of how divided we are. we don’t consider holding pakistani flag as first choice because we consider our own agendas more important than the sake of pakistan. shame! shame!


    i dont see how the people living outside pakistan can hate President Musharraf at least the bnefit of the growing economy has directly been in favour of them .They are the one which have taken the advantages of his policies and still they do this strange very strange things.like throwing eggs in his car hmmmm.

  • Farooq Naeem |

    if if we cant win the war against our own army. even if we cant change the fate of our beloved but troubled and bleeding country. even if the powers of the dar side are very strong. even if we are weak. even if we are stuck in our lives. even if we were trained all our lives in pakistan to face the ground reality and compromise with the abuser. even if we will lose. even if we will not see the victory in our lifetimes. we must attend these protests. they will not be as bloody as the protests in pakistan. and we dont have everything at stake like the lawyeres of pakistan. we have nothing to loose like iftikhar and other judges. let us not think about the ouctome. let us not think about victory. this is my debt. i have to pay. this is your debt. you have to pay. yeh us zameen ka ham par qarz he jis ke mitti se hamari moorat bani he. jo jis jaga kuch karsakta he use karna chaheay. for gods sake dont lose heart. let us meet in london. i am planning to bring some masks of iftikhar chauhdry. i hope i can get through the customs easily. see you all in london.

  • Nasar Sajid |

    What arguments do you have of growing economy? Economy growth brigs prosparity in the life of people. Can you mention such thing in Pakistan?

  • Nasar Sajid |

    What arguments do you have of growing economy? Economy growth brings prosparity in the life of people. Can you mention such thing in Pakistan?