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PAKISTAN PROTESTS – Edhi haggled by US Immigration & might be Deported

Abdul Sattar EdhiIts being reported that Pakistan’s renowned social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi (Edhi Foundation) was interrogated by US immigration officials at the JF Kennedy Airport in New York for over eight hours, and they also later seized his passport and other documents,

Abdus Sattar Edhi told reporters “They asked me why I dont reside permanently in the US despite having a green card, he said. “I told them that Im a social worker and I have to travel extensively around the world, and so cannot live there permanently, he added. While talking to Dawn News he did mention that he had recently received a phone call informing him that he might be deported from the United States.

I sincerely hope that this turns out to be a farce and the US Immigration authorities do not execute this deportation as it would be additional salt of our wounds. I can guarantee that such an approach will lead to a massive outcry from every Pakistani across the world in unison. They all would stand testament to his selfless work for Pakistan over the past many years Mr Abdus Sattar Edhi is so highly regarded that many Pakistanis have been contemplating on nominating him for the Noble Peace Prize sadly that dream has not yet been realized but its embarrassing to watch this attitude dealt out by the American Government to our national heroes, might I dare say it will lead to worsening relationships, which are already dangling by a thread as it is.

On behalf of very Pakistani I issue a call for protest condemning this attitude meted out to our national hero, we hope that this issue may quickly be settled favorably and amicably. I would also like to demand a public unconditional apology to the people of Pakistan by the United States government for having humiliated our national hero in such away

Links – Pakistaniat, WatanDost & Dawn


  • Deprived |

    As a Pakistani citizen you are Not allowed to demand anything, when your own govt treats you like shit, what do you expect from other nations.

  • MK |

    I think Edhi is a hero and all, true. But don’t you think laws should be obeyed and obliged to. I mean the US law requires any person with a green card to remain in US to actually show his intent to get an american passport. The explicit and implicit purpose of getting a green card is to eventually get the blue passport. So i think if immigration has taken his green card away then he is not the only one around.
    One can tend to get emotional about the issue but law has no emotions or such bars

  • d0ct0r |

    its shocking.. while hardened criminals and murderers like Altaf Hussain are given privileges and west is safe heaven for them on the other hand Social Worker like Abdus Sattar Edhi are treated with such disrespect and he is humiliated

  • d0ct0r |

    while talking to bbc he says that he is willing to surrender his green card if americans wants that.. but they have confiscated his pakistani passport..they want him to stay in US until 20th feb while he insists that he should be allowed to fly back to pk

    “mujhay tou lagta hai mayray malasia kay kapray(his trademark brown kurta and pajama),dari,huliya daikh ker mujhay dehshatgard ka banda samaj lia…

    “mayra passport cheen lia hai,najar qaid(nazarbund) houn mein, majid(mosque) b kon c namaj parnay jatay ho yeh b batao…”

    “in kay han jis ko pakar lia woh gaya baychara,bohat say pakistani indian bangladeshi jailoun mein paray hain koi case larnay wala naheen,koi poochnay wala naheen…”

    “maray legal advisors un say contact ker rahay hain k bhai yeh emergency ka banda(emergency services volunteer) hai isko janay dou”

  • xpert |

    may be amercians are paying him back for his part in the israel lebanon conflict of 06

  • d0ct0r |

    Faisalk he already had it for almost 10 years now,they had called him to get it renewed , instead they confiscated his pakistani passport and started interrogating him.. these westerners are really prejudiced .. even an 80 yr old baba irk them off…

  • d0ct0r |

    btw they’ve now handed him back his passport and a renewed green card(with 1 year validity as against the normal 10 yr) and have called him back next year for his case’s hearing..


    this is nothing onces i took a cane full of abe ZAM ZAM
    from Saudia to Canada and i was not allowed to enter and they let me go after 4 hours and after i proved that this was only holy water by drinking it.

  • Najmul Hasan |

    Edhi Saheb has a large network in USA.
    Although he has named it Bilqis Edhi Trust (He thinks, he will die before Bilqis)he routinely visits USA to check around that everything is running smoothly. This Trust receives huge amounts in donation,mostly from Pakistanis living in USA & Canada, part of which is spent on projects for Pakistanis in USA. The Trust has also bought a burial ground,where mostly Pakistanis are buried without any charges
    Bilqis Edhi Trust also runs projects for Pakistani destitute women.
    This Trust also buys spare parts for the Air ambulances, the helicopter and Aeroplane,donated by U.S government.
    Sattar Edhi saheb never trusts any one.That includes his son who manages the New York offices. So he reaches there unannounced to check the accounts and other activities. This is despite the fact that he has evolved some very interesting fool-proof checks and has caught some of the workers embazzling small amounts.
    He applied and got the Green Card on the insistence of his childhood friend, deceased Sattar Ojha, who said this will facilitate in the running of offices in USA. For example, as a green card holder he can collect large donations and send them to Pakistan.
    You can find the guy (with billions in the banks), begging in the New York streets, with his usual Malatia clothes and a jacket picked up from some deceased’s donated wardrobe.
    He must have been picked up, for all the grilling,because of his appearance.
    And believe me, the American immigration agents are the most stupid officials, but with immense powers.

  • nasif |

    i am a pakistani citizen by origin and i have also been in the same ordeal when iwent abdroad to europe and no one from embassy of pakistan or any pakistani people come to my help and even pakistani people also mix with those people and start abusing me throughout my stay. this is is the dilemma of our country that whenever europenas and americans want our people support them and not our own people.

  • Sheraz Siddiqi |

    This is very sad news for all of us but much bad news for the peace maker like Abdul Sattar Edhi… He is a legend not only for Pakistan but for the whole world… We protest strongly and regret it and appeal to pakistani goverment for look into this matter…….

  • Hammad |

    this is a war and it outreaches to the individuals and symbols of solidarity of a nation and country … so be it… war it is … war they will find… it is their business not ours… selfish they are and self-less EDHI is …. Americans are the most dumb nation spoiling the whole world balance and thinking it is a genius work to break things and then thinking that it is essential.. stupid and ill hearted ISRAEL and JEWS hijacked american nation… Jews are the nations who have always been punished even in the days of Pharos for their anti social activities and even hitler agreed to sweep them all… JEWS are historical viruses to the civilized world and humanity…