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People’s Resistance Street Theater – Pictures

This Sunday a few members of the People’s Resistance held a street theater at Sea View Karachi which was a tremendous success. The pictures are as follows

Link to the previous Street Theater


  • Vanessa |

    Mr. Maestro, you were in contact with my colleague, Shannon from the Center For Strategic and International Studies, PCR Project. We are doing a special event with bloggers in Pakistan and I would like to contact you to hear your thoughts. Please email me at your earliest convenience–use the email address I supplied in order to post this comment. I am sorry to contact via blog post but your email address is not listed!

    By the way, GREAT PICTURES! 🙂

    Vanessa K.

  • MK |

    A very genuine approach towards educating people and more so getting them under one banner. Bravo!

  • MB |

    Miles to go before sleep

    When you click on NEXT for more pictures, it doesnt work. Please check

  • eddg |

    did anyone notice the new 11 judges appointed to LHC, that included prominent lawyers in movement and ahan bhoon the president of LHC bar
    ** proving that they are sellable and were just waiting for right price**