Update @ 2010: Initial reports from the Hum Logge Solidarity Rally in Islamabad

Sketchy details coming in from Islamabad:

If anyone wishes to show solidarity with those injured and affected by the police attack can reach Aitzaz Ahsan’s residence in Islamabad.

The rally was stopped by a very large posse of police (over 1000). Barbed wire was laid out on way leading to Aitzaz’s residence. As the group neared the barbed wire, police took up positions with tear gas guns, batons and bricks in hands.

As soon as those in front crossed the barbed wire, they were hit with high pressure jets of cold water from water cannons. The citizens moved backwards to take cover and the police lunged forward with their batons, and started throwing stones and bricks at the citizens. Some students and citizens were hurt in the process. In the meantime, to stop the police onslaught, stones were thrown back at the police in self-defense.

Moments later, heavy tear gas shelling started. Marriott Hotel, which was nearby, refused to give water to those affected by tear gas. In contrast, staff from offices in Software Technology Park building sent containers and coolers of water for the injured protesters.

International media was present and was also horrified at the unprovoked and brutal attack by the police.

At the moment, there is confirmation of arrest of Tahira Abdullah and also Umayr Hassan a faculty member of FAST NU (FASTRising), Lahore. Arrest of Athar Minallah is still being confirmed.



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2 responses to “Update @ 2010: Initial reports from the Hum Logge Solidarity Rally in Islamabad”

  1. hani Avatar

    Why lawyers and these activists don’t arrange a rally with support of political parties like TI, Jamait islami and PLMN ?
    Than there will be much more attendance/people-power
    and obviously political workers are much more capable of dealing with the police force

  2. Haris Avatar

    Source: http://fastrising.blogspot.com/2008/02/arrested.html

    Updates – 8.18pm:

    Police is extremely aggressive today, visiting hospitals and arresting activists, who are trying to get treatment there.

    Athar Minallah (spokesperson of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry) has also been arrested.

    At least one activist has been taken to emergency after police torture.

    Iqbal Bali (age: 65+), a veteran activist, is still missing.

    Police is deliberately not disclosing the location of the detainees – they are afraid of the ‘sit in’ (dharna) and candle light vigils the students and the civil society members will start there.

    Students and the lawyers are deliberating the next move. One option is offering themseves for arrest, other is sit-in (dharna).