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Seminar: Urbanization, Politics, Public & National Interests by Mr. Arif Hasan

The Peoples Resistance would like to invite the general public for a talk on “URBANIZATION, POLITICS, PUBLIC AND NATIONAL INTERESTS” by Mr. Arif Hasan, a leading environmentalist, architect and people-oriented planner, on Sunday, 17th February, 2008, at 4 p.m. sharp at Shirkat Gah, 2 Bath Island Road, Parin Lodge, Karachi (near Bridge Store)

Presented by Peoples Resistanc in association with The Green Economics Initiative,

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  • dr muddase hassan birmani.d.g.khan.choti zareen.hote wala |

    pakistani population is icreasing day by day,but it has reached to its peak in big cities of pakistan especially in karachi,lahore,faisal abad and multan.but the living status iz at low level.coz it is poor individual status.our govt iz not handling this problem properly,as a result of this traffic rush on roadz.and this will produec a big problem 4 next govt.our politics is not in a position to contrl this situation.they have interest of mony 4 their own use,not 4 public problem or for poor people.