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Musharraf’s Understanding of Human Rights

President Pervez Musharraf responds to a question posed by Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Roth asked Musharraf whether, in the interest of free debate before the February 18, 2008 parliamentary elections, he would release the judges and lawyers who were being held under house arrest but had not been charged with any crime.

His response, seems like hes clueless of what Human Rights actually is



  • nazia |

    These are sentences form a pure breed of dictator who neither give way to any human rights nor accepts any law coming his way of rule.He has a simple principle to rule poor and unprivilged people and that is
    Rule without Rules.
    I wish his fate would be Sadam so at that moment he would realise that he is simple human not a god who needs some rights to survive.At this moment he is a god and all people who are dying on daily bombs attacks in Pakistan are

  • Unaiza Fatima |

    Well done Mr. President for boldly showing the exit to such nonsense people.
    These kind of so-called Human Right Activists first should mind the state of human rights in their own countries and ask their governments to release the Guantanamo detainees who are held up without charges for years and years on in worst and inhumane conditions. Only then they should think of improving Human right conditions in the rest of the world.
    And why should these activists advocate such corrupt lawyers and judges who made the judiciary second most corrupt institution in Pakistan? Government is unnecessarily soft on them. Such corrupt elements should be in jail rather than house arrest, and some of them should be court-martialed for attempting to create unrest at such volatile situation.

  • M@ni |

    I can only say
    “Jo Mush khaina chah raha hay woo khaay nahi raha aur jo khaa raha hay woo khaina chaah nahi raha”
    puzzled confused mush… I dint understand what does his answer mean[:(]… kya bakwas kar raha hay yaar yaay banda

  • B A Solangi, London |

    Dictator is a dictator. Musharraf is no exception. So far one toes his line it is fine for him but if someone has guts to stand to him he gets rattled. This is exactly what had happened in case of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Jstice Iftikhar Chaudhry. The dictators live in perennial fear and they do not have any vision beyond his shoulders. In history of Pakistan these dictators have ruled with the help of the minority. PML-Q has no power base but the establishment made a base for them after rigging last elections. MQM is a minority party and yet whole province of Sindh and a good chunk of federal cabinet was handed over these thugs.

    Musharraf thought that he will do the same in this elections but it may prove to be extremely hazardous for this corrupt general and third rate commando who is a scum on the earth.