Sheikh Rashid flees the country

Sheikh Rashid was the first one to flee Pakistan after being humiliated in these elections. He lost both his seats, one by a margin of about 46,000 and the other by a margin of 62,000 votes. In the last elections he was elected from both these seats. Public love for him can be seen in this video which I advise you watch at your own discretion.

Let’s see how many of the Q-Leaguers will flee the country and join Shaukat Aziz and how many will join the opposition.



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7 responses to “Sheikh Rashid flees the country”

  1. shehzad Avatar

    im no fan of sheikh rasheed, but he called in from pindi last night on Geo to confirm he was still in the country and with no plans of leaving…dont beleive everything u hear.

  2. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Flee the country…! Interesting
    Someday he would also come back with flying colours and as a champion of democracy, just as B.B. or Mian came back from their exile, after they had fled the country after looting and plundering the nation.

  3. matador Avatar

    he just gave press conference at 5pm from marriott isb. it was fun while it lasted. spain !

  4. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    😉 I think Jang group might have meant Spain ‘like’ island in Islamabad

    LOL – What would politics be like without the in-your-face comments of Sh. Rashid – I have a love n hate relationship with this crook 😉

  5. Muhammad Naseem Avatar
    Muhammad Naseem

    i agree with you because my brothr from ITALY reported me day before yesterday that SHEIKH RASHID was found in SPAIN. infact everyone belongs to PML(Q) are white lier. they are big DOGS indeed……..

  6. Zain Khan Avatar
    Zain Khan

    I am no fan of PML (Q) or Sheikh Rashid. He did not leave… he appeared on GEO TV last night and complained about false reports. Your blog tends to publish a lot of rumours and spicy stuff. Get serious or you will have little creditability

  7. Kamran Avatar

    Dude this is posting from The News Bhai.

    Poora parh tou liya kero before commenting!