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Lawyers fired upon in Karachi

News just received. Lawyers are being fired upon by people in civilian clothes and police is also being very aggressive. A lady lawyer has recived gunshot tear gas canister wound.



    I would praise the police for this wonderful act , Iftikhar chaudry and his followers deserves this , can the followers of iftikhar chaudry tell me that if he is so much worried about the law than why in the first place he took oath under PCO in 2002.

  • M@ni |

    On “Freind Of Humanity”: Why dont we accept if a person changes, You must be still calling Mohd Yousaf christian right… why dint he change to muslim for so many years…

    I m proud of my chief Justice, he was the first man to stand in front of Dictator and when he was reinstated he did remarkable decision.

    Cheif teray Janisar
    BayShumar BayShumar

    Mush is so much afraid of him that he even dont let his children to go school..shame on MUSH

  • Fasih Ali Khan |

    They Simply Deserve It …. Taking Law in their hands, and Still Called ”Lawyers” …. Shame on Them.