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Nawaz Sharif enters Judicial Colony in Islamabad

It is being reported by.the SAC team in Lahore that Nawaz Sharif has come to he judicial colony in Islamabad along with his brother and has just now entered inside the enclave there are hundreds of supporers along with him and the civil society


  • pl |

    “Yesterday morning, a US diplomat based in Lahore spent two hours with Aitzaz Ahsan, leader of the lawyers movement, laying out the US position. Ahsan declined to detail the contents of his conversation with the diplomat, but said: “There is no way other than to reinstate the judges. We are not going to let this pass. We will not let it be accepted as a norm.

  • Muhammad Naseem |

    i just wanted to comment on Pervaiz Elahi’s that point which he raised in press confrenss that his party obtain 40% votes, whereas his party comes on NO 3 posiotion. it’s disgussting to lie in front of whole world. i would say that PERVAIZ ELAHI & SHUJAT HUSSAIN are big DOGS. they should die with shame. it’s time for them to leave this PAK Country.

  • pakistan insaaf |

    who can ever expect mqm to be honest? people from karachi always knew what kind of party mqm was, we always knew that mqm only won by rigging. finally so many people are speaking out against it. type rigging in karachi on google and so many results will show up with mqm’s name. fianlly people are starting to speak up against them, there are several videos clearly showing rigging online, some of them are posted on youtube: http://youtube.com/results?uploaded=d&search_query=mqm+rigging

    the quality is not that great, but you can tell whats going on, there are several other videos over the internet along with people sharing their persona experiences on elections day in online blogs. on the 26th of feb, ppp is taking mqm to court to the sindh high court for rigging these elections. honestly, enough of living in fear from these thugs, they should go and let us karachi people live in peace.