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Live Blog – Updated @ 17:00: Judicial Bus moves from Karachi to Hyderabad

The progress of the Judicial bus courtesy Faris of People’s Resistance

At around 10:00 the judicial bus left the Sindh high court.bar on its way to Malir Bar reaching there at 10:30 where a big crowd of lawyers & activists were gathered. A press conference was held.

Finally at around 11:00 they have departed for Hyderabad

At 11:45 – We have an update that the caravan has just left Karachi on its way to Hyderabad via super highway to hopefully reach Hyderabad at 2:00

Update at 12:35 – Judicial Bus roaring on Super highway! Police, truck drivers sharing Victory signs with the rally! 100 kms more to go…

Update at 13:00 – We’ve just reached Nooriyabad. Huge crowd of ordinary prople. on the highway! Rashid Rizvi giving a short but very charged up speech to the crowd

Update.at 14:00 – Met truck drivers near Nooriyabad who asked us if the rally was anti-musharaff. We told them yes & that it was for an independent judiciary. They were really pleased & gave us their support, saying ‘We want to kick him out as well! We r with u in this fight!’

Update at 14:07 – Crossed Hyderabad toll plaza, huge group of PASBAAN workers greeted us here. Long back-up while entering the city..

Update at 14:45 – Judicial bus inside Hyderabad city! more & more cars joining the rally now.

Update at 15:11 – The judicial bus has entered Hydrabad District Courts! Large procession of lawyers & ppl. present!

Update at 15:20 – Party flags @ the District Court- PASBAN, AWAMI TEHREEK, LABOR PARTY, INTL. Socialists, Jamat-e-Islaami.
15:35- The session has begun @ district courts, Hyderabad.

Update at 15:45 – Nearly 500 lawyers in the session. Very organized, proper seating & stage, banner reads- “Jewels of the Judiciary”

Update at 16:05 – This event was to happen @ Hydrabad High Court but its gates were closed last night. The movement is going to continue till Chaudhury Iftikhar is reinstated!

Update at 16:10 – Qazi Abdul Sattar, Pres. Saddar Bar has named his bathroom Dogar Room! HAHAHAHA!

Update at 16:20 – Muneer Malik’s speech- Independent Judiciary is not made up of angels. Our SCJ & other judges must be reinstated! The cause of politicians, civilians & lawyers is common. We’re in the same fight!

Update at 17:00Session has ended. Thank You for all guests by the organizers. A great show of strength by the lawyers fraternity! The movement is alive & the fight continues!

— Thank you Faris for keeping us updated throughout the journey of the Judicial Bus from Karachi to Lahore


  • M@ni |

    On 9th March there will not just one driver there will be 40,000 drivers… there will be sea of people’s on Isbd Street…
    Get prepare all activists for 9th March.. Lets prepare new faces, and mark 9th March as our DAY

  • Saad |

    It was really heartening to see members of civil society with us today. Even though it was a long journey, yet members of the civil society remained with us throughout the hourney and just to see our own people supporting us by their acts, was something which has rejuvenated the lawyers of Karachi, who have faced the wrath of the state and its mercenaries (MQM).
    As a lawyer, I salute all those people who came today…and you guys are our adrenaline…stay with us…support us…we will change the course of history…veritas est justitae mater…let us manifest the truth once and for all

  • M@ni |

    “On Saad”: Civil society is also proud of the efforts done by the lawyers. We were in ISBD a week before when lahore to isbd car rally was organised. One of our friend was arrested along with 20+ lawyers. But every lawyer was worried for our friend instead of their other arrested fellows[lawyers]. Some were calling higher authorities, some went to police station, some trying to relax us…they cooporated alot with us and took our friend out from the bars in hours. We were really pleased to see the way they take care of us . There are many other incidents when they helped in confrontation with police also :). I hope Lawyers and civil society always be glued togather, and InshALLAH sooner we will have our judiciary restored

  • Adil |

    First of all I would like to appreciate your blog, nice.

    Civil society is also proud of the efforts done by the lawyers.Thanks for the sharing.Shangrila