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Pakistan Has Spoken, Will Democracy Follow? Avaaz.org Petition and AD

avaaz_democracy_for_pakistanAvaaz.org, a very active global online movement with a simple democratic mission has recently petitioned online users to support its campaign to promote democracy in Pakistan. You can participate in either signing the petition which stands at ~84,000 signatures (goal of 150,000) or even contribute to the publication of this full page ad in The News ($10,623 or equivalent to Rs. 648,000)

The people of Pakistan have overcome violence & rigging to cast a clear vote for civilian democracy. 75% want President Musharraf to go. But things are tense: Musharraf hints he could dismiss the new parliament and Western powers are still propping him up.

The Pakistani people have cast an undeniable vote for change. If they are betrayed, chaos could follow. Let’s back them with big advertisements (see right) in Pakistan’s The News, a respected broadsheet read by politicians, ambassadors and generals alike. The ad’s centerpiece is our petition calling for democracy to be supported not undermined – please sign the petition to help Pakistan’s democrats, or give a donation to help fund the ad


I also attach here a copy of their email to all their active supporters sent a few days back

Good news from Pakistanopposition parties pledged to restore civilian democracy have won the elections for which we campaigned. But outrageously, President Musharraf still hints he may try to “get rid of” the new government if it challenges him. After imposing martial law last year and dismissing the judiciary to ensure his survival, he is testing the waters with his remaining backers in the West.

As the horse-trading begins, tensions are high and opposition protests are being tear-gassed. The Pakistani people have cast an undeniable vote for change and they must not be betrayed. Let’s give them our own vote of global support with big advertisements in Pakistan’s The News, a respected broadsheet read by politicians, ambassadors and generals alike, calling for the powers-that-be to support not undermine the people’s vote. We need to raise $10,632 for this — so click here to view and endorse the ad, then please give a donation if you can:


Already last year, over 83,000 of us called on the international community to condemn General Musharraf’s crackdown and press for constitutional rule and free and fair elections. Avaaz campaigners delivered that message privately to high-level contacts in the US Congress and the British government, key supporters of the General who have since begun to shift. The election and polls suggest that 75% of the population want President Musharraf to go — but the Bush administration and other elements are still propping him up.

This is a golden moment, in which Pakistan’s voters have overcome widespread vote-rigging to set a course for civilian democracy. Now opposition leaders face the challenge of reinstating the free media and independent judiciary, undoing martial laws, and building the institutions and legitimacy that are essential for any lasting security in Pakistan.

Pakistan needs the international community to pledge greater help for this democratic effort, not to bully and meddle. So let’s send a ringing global message to the leaders, generals and ambassadors now politicking in Islamabad, and make sure they don’t bungle the transition that citizens of Pakistan, and of the world, demand. View the ad and give it your support at this link:


With hope and determination,

Paul, Pascal, Galit, Esra’a, Ricken, Ben, Iain and the whole Avaaz team


  • Opposition victory in the elections over pro-Musharraf parties: – www.bloomberg.com
  • Musharraf’s radical extremist allies also defeated: BBC News
  • Musharraf hinted to the Wall Street Journal that he may not go quietly – “The clash would be if the prime minister and president would be trying to get rid of each other” (he retains martial law powers to dismiss prime minister and parliament): DAWN
  • Last polls before the election, showing at least 75% want Musharraf to go: AlertNet


  • Jawan |


    ” Verily the grip of Allah SWT is Great”

    Yes the traitor ruled Pakistan and crossed all limits of morality, law, constitutional obligations / responsibilities in ensuring his stay in power. People of Pakistan kept on crying “foul” but he would not listen and no one was willing to help. Even prayers to Allah for help seemed to be returning without any result. Some of the people started losing faith in Allah SWT.

    But when the CJP Iftekhar Ch stood and the people of Pakistan supported him and lawyers came on street protesting with civil society and political parties in direct support. And since Mar 9, 2007 the dictator has been on the decline and sliding to the dustbin of history every passing day. He was forced to take off uniform (or should i call his skin?) announce schedule of elections, could not stop Nawaz Sharif from coming to Pakistan, could not caryout his plans of rigging of elections and ensuring a harmless assembly. All his plans failed . You know why?

    Because Allah Helps those who help themselves. When people rose and struggled and finally came out of their houses in millions and voted against the dictator, with Allah’s help he is about to be ousted from the corridors of power Insha Allah.

    So all those visitors of this site, recall my comments on various occasion on various issues. I had been telling everyone to come out and cast your votes on the basis of Pro and Anti Musharraf.

    Alhamdulillah now we the people of Pakistan today stand victorious. All praises and thanks be to Allah the Most Supreme for His Help. And with His Help Insha Allah people of Pakistan will finally win in thier long struggle against the rule of dictator.

  • JinnahFan |

    Pakistan has spoken….this from someone who tried to nullify his vote…

  • Masoom |

    You are so proud of the result of the elections than you should also accept that it was Musharaf through whom Allah gave you the free elections.

  • Masoom |

    we the people have still got to go a long way before we get anywhere. Wait and see for what they have in store for you the people.