US still playing ‘Dumb’ on the issue of Judiciary in Pakistan

In a press briefing given by the US State Department on 10th March a few questions were raised on Pakistan and its ongoing judicial & political crisis. It seems that the US Government is still not willing to come clean and talk about the restoration or independence of judiciary, despite one reporters direct question talking about the independent judiciary being a pillar for US democracy.

Its ironic to see that the US government meddling in Pakistan’s affairs to the extent of deliberately ignoring the judicial problem and rubber stamping the Martial Law enforced by their blue-eyed boy-wonder [Musharraf] on Nov 3rd. One has to logically question if America really wants to resolve the terrorism issue in this region, as without a proper judicial system no one can expect the criminals to be brought to justice let alone stop the chaos in the country.

The recent increase in suicidal bombings will got to show that we are not faring any better under the authoritarian regime, the problems will not magically disappear. American officials may deny any claim but this recent ‘happy go lucky’ democracy which will come under Asif Zardari is yet again being rubber stamped into approval by the Americans. So much of meddling in into the politics of our country, I have the urge to directly hold the American Government responsible for the chaos in Pakistan.

Hear the section on Pakistan from the Daily Press Briefing by Sean McCormack, Spokesman for the State Dept

Full Text below[State Dept link]

QUESTION: Well, but clearly, you do not ‘ you have not wanted to call for the restoration of the justices and I think the unstated reason has been the fear that they would then declare President Musharraf’s selection to be illegal and therefore potentially remove him from his current office. So given that you’ve had a view on this matter, you know, are you not reaching out to the opposition politicians to say, “Well, we actually don’t think you should do this and here’s why,’ or —

MR. MCCORMACK: No. Look, those are entirely their decisions to make. And our stated and unstated reason concerning this has entirely to do with the fact that this is Pakistani democracy and these are Pakistani laws and the Pakistani constitution and we’re not in the business of interpreting their laws or their constitution for them. Any of the actions that they take within their political system and any of the outcomes of those actions are going to be generated entirely by Pakistanis, not by us.

QUESTION: Well, I mean, following on that, though, I mean, given that an independent judiciary is a pillar of U.S. democracy and it —

MR. MCCORMACK: That’s right.

QUESTION: Would you not think it’s a good idea to have an independent judiciary, however it is erected or resurrected in Pakistan?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, again, there are two sides if you’re in Pakistan, there are two sides to that question that you have. As a general matter, an independent judiciary that upholds the application of the rule of law? Absolutely. But again, you will get within the Pakistani political system, as I have read about it in the newspapers, a dispute as to the interpretation of Pakistani laws and the Pakistani constitutions. We —

QUESTION: (Off-mike.)

MR. MCCORMACK: Look, I’m not — and I’m not here to be a lawyer for either side. That’s not my job. My job is to talk about what U.S. policies are and, you know, it is our view that these are issues that need to be handled solely by the Pakistanis, needed to be they need to be decided on only by the Pakistanis. You know, we don’t have a vote in this nor should we. We are prepared to work with the government as it goes forward on issues of mutual concern and certainly, we are going to continue to pursue our national interests with respect to Pakistan and it’s no secret that those involve, in large part, working on fighting the war on terror.

In our view, however, their success in fighting extremists, violent extremists and terrorists, whether they’re in Pakistan or the border regions along the Pakistan and Afghanistan border, is furthered by having a stable, prosperous, more democratic Pakistan and one that is back on the pathway to democracy, one in which the people have confidence in their government that is working for them and one in which they have confidence in the institutions of Pakistan, including the judiciary.

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7 responses to “US still playing ‘Dumb’ on the issue of Judiciary in Pakistan”

  1. Imran Avatar

    USA did not like Justice Chaudhry since he was questioning illegal abductions of Pakistanis by agents related to CIA. USA does not want free and democratic Pakistan, they prefer rats in uniforms.

  2. nazia Avatar

    Now there is no doubt about US role for converting Pakistan into military state for its dirty games in South Asia.That game had been started since the murder of Liaquat ali and no body knows how long it would continue.Independence of judiciary means transformation of our nation into welfare state and that is not surely acceptable to US that is throughout protecting our corrupt generals, politicans, feudal lords for its war games.Pakistan is third largest buyer of US arms and spending the hard money of its poor and hardworking people to US war industry.Look at the poverty level of our country where 80% of common men are deprived of basic necessities of life and other side see the lavish and comfortable sites of cantnonment where there are no signs of civic devastation.US support to corrupt elements of society is promoting mafia culture in our daily life and people of all classes have no hesitation of opting illegal ways for their survivals.That is the reason educated class is trying its best to support the restoration of judiciary as we have no other way to survive as soveriegn nation untill we have courage to say no to brutal dictator.

  3. nota Avatar

    This is terrible cause it means Mush & Co got an NRO of their own and we have to suffer him another full year at least.
    Aiwan-e-Saddar agree on reinstatement of deposed judges
    ISLAMABAD: Awan-e-Saddar has agreed with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (N) over their stand of reinstatement of the deposed judges, the sources said.

    As per the new development, the troika agreed that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Chaudhry Muhammad Iftikar and other deposed judges of the Supreme Court and High Court will be reinstated.

    In return, the PPP and PML-N will support President Musharraf will continue as president for one year and after that he will quit the highest office of the country, the sources claimed.

  4. nota Avatar

    “the PPP and PML-N will support President Musharraf”
    I a sorry but that SUCKS!

  5. Ajmal Avatar

    Bush cannot support restoration / independence of Judiciary because that will reveal his governments wrong policies and will make open illegal acts committed by FIA and CIA in Pakistan.

    I don’t know where from nota has got the news of President House agreeing to restoration of higher judiciary. There is no such news in Pakistan.

  6. Altaf Avatar

    Teeth Mystro, A few points:
    First, I think anyone would be naive to think that the US is interested in anything in Pakistan except its own interests & whoever serves them better.

    Second, you are writing self-contradictory statements. On the one hand you do not want the US to interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs & on the other hand you are decrying their lack of interest/leaning (either way) in getting the Judiciary restored.

    Third, It has become fashionable to needlessly criticize every policy of Musharraf. If you believe that Zardari or Nawaz Sharif will bring about ANY meaningful change in Pakistan’s foreign policy regarding Afghanistan & the War on(rather Of) Terror, then dream on.

    Fourth to everyone on this forum: Try and have a little longer memory. Most of the people on this forum are suffering from selective amnesia. Start your history & its lessons from 1988 instead of 1999. Since most people here believe that the rulers thrown up by the current elections are such big democrats let me refresh your memories a little bit:

  7. Ahmad Avatar

    I dont get.We pakistani hate america because of their interference in our internal affair and now we are begging them to restore judges haan.What a hypocrate are we.