Syed ‘BoobPress’ Raza Gilani – Pakistans next Prime Minister

Pakistan Peoples Party may have selected their interim Prime Minister, but his closet is full of some scary skeletons. A few may have laid eyes on this YouTube video posted a year back showing this ‘to-be’ prime minister innocently doodling Sherry Rehman. For a few it may be an ‘accidental’ grope but I would in turn say ‘Watch out ladies, Prime Minister BoobPress Gilani is about to accede the throne – Run

Sadly does Pakistan only have womanizing corrupt gentlemen like these to represent us globally – and let not forget that three months later we await the arrival of the ‘king of kings’ Mr Asif Ali Zardari – God help us – but heck didn’t we just have an [bite my tongue] NRO-influenced democracy!!



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34 responses to “Syed ‘BoobPress’ Raza Gilani – Pakistans next Prime Minister”

  1. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    in your face
    To all the PPP supporters
    MAy Allah save our mothers and sisters from this Physco

    One thing to be noted that when he touches her boobs she looks down and than looks up as that it never happened or that it was a common pratice.
    i Knew that sherry was a slut from the begining( becoz she looks and acts like one)but i never thaught that Gillani was like that

  2. JinnahFan Avatar

    Awab, today, you have PROVED yourself to be an utterly PATHETIC person. First, you questioned a son’s regard for his brutally murdered mother, and now you’re throwing this mud. You should look for a job at Nine-Zero. If Imran Khan thinks he can expect to draw support with the likes of you at the helm, he has another thing coming.

  3. Nighat Khan Avatar
    Nighat Khan

    I am disgusted at the title of this report. It simply seems like a rushed crowd walking closely together but what to do of perverts and sick minds. Dr sahib, I never thought you will alos get so carried away to post this title in this website. I am ashamed of accessing this website, it doesnt seem like a seroius forum

  4. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    JinnahFan & Night – I wonder at your reaction – are you both seriously standing to defend this sexual harassment by Gilani?

    JF – Truly we msut meet one day, as I feel a one-on-one debate will better suit us – rather then a comment here and there, we may not agree or see eye to eye on many issues, but I would love to have a chance to be convinced by your arguments. Nine Zero and Imran Khan 😉 heck they don’t need my support, they have enough going for on for both of them that they will do fine without patronizing my support. In this blog I speak my heart… many may diagree and its your right to disagree and maybe even show me the light. Afterall we both believe in a free and peaceful exchange of ideas

    Nighat – post title 😉 If I were to rephrase it again – I think ill re-write it the same way, you may not agree, but it is indeed a fact that Gilani did indeed ‘B…P….’ Sherry

    In all honesty I am not surprised to have seen these perverts making it big here in Pakistan but had issues like these were being reported in our conservative society then I can almost assure you it would have blown up to be a Pakistani version of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But then again – our parliament is full of perverts like these, where do we start…..

  5. Saeen Avatar

    Teetho Greato Capturo,

    The lady did notice but didn’t not bother to remove the hand.

    I feel its Normal Routine for both parties involved.

    I guess, Amin Faheem refused to do this dirty job and he didn’t get to join the club.

    I think its good for A Fahim. He should stay clean.

  6. JinnahFan Avatar

    I thought MQM were the most pathetic people in the world when they anti-Imran Khan campaign on YouTube; I used to think that their lack of education was the real cause for their perverted comments and posts….that’s the conventional wisdom isn’t it? The same conventional wisdom that says that the poor don’t know what’s good for them. Well, today, you have proved above and beyond the utter shamelessness and disregard you have for other people.

    If you knew anything about Islam you would know just how bad this accusation is. I suggest you use your senses and take this post off….I don’t know many parents who would take their children to such a dentist….otherwise you may be applying for a job with the National Enquirer.

  7. Shaukat Azim Avatar

    I’ll give Gillani the benefit of doubt.

  8. Nighat Khan Avatar
    Nighat Khan

    Dear Sir,
    when it comes to dishonouring a women, men in our society take the cake. This title seems lechrous and thurki. and on top of that you insist on others are tolerant of this kind of behaviour. As a women you sir cannot imagine what we go thru during our professional lives. so dont jump to the conclusion that I stand by sexual harassment.
    This website is sociopolitical forum not for cheap thrills. I just questioned you judgement for posting it

  9. coughcough Avatar

    akchually he’s trying to save her from all the other gropers there 😉

  10. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    i always said that freedom speech should have some limits but you guys always understated me and always opposed me .
    And now the same people Jinnah fan,nighat and many others are critising this article.
    If our nation has the right to know every thing abt President Musharraf than we have the right to know everything abt our PM.(weather it is his sex life etc)
    after toching her boobs he must have apologized. but he carried away.
    I was impressed by Makhdoom hafim as he did not spoke of Benazir and he spoke of Pakistan and the poor people but this A-hole PM prasied BB and gave the order of realesing Judicary. How abt he would have passed a order that no one will be jobless or etc? THat would have been a prasing point .
    good job dr Awab keep it up by informing us abt these UNISLAMIC LIVE POLITICAL PORN MOVIES 😉

  11. nazia Avatar

    If Sherry rehman has no objection on such gestures then people dont need to enjoy this scene as it could happen in such circumstances.Such kind of acts are very popular in punjab’s culture where frustrated men never miss a chance of such acts and this is another indicator of sick mind people in our society.Such kinds of acts are seen in all classes of Paksitan and only depend on women that how she reacts in such actions.If the women scoulds back no man can dare of doing repetitions and even Pakistani culture always favour that women who publicly react against such sick men.

  12. zs Avatar

    dr awab,

    I've been a big fan of yours and generally look forward to your daily postings. But this is really really immature and disgusting. Please grow up. Or you'll put off alot of your fans from coming to your website. In case you're too busy giggling like a little kid, i'll point out to you that accidents like these happen when you're in a crowd of 100s of people, and it would be pretty stupid to try to try it in front of dozens of cameras. This was one of the May 12th rallies where over 40 people died, so let's try to remember that day as something sacred and not cheapen it with your chilidish innuendo.

  13. Nash Avatar

    Doc, this is in real poor taste. What you have here is hellofalot better than a tabloid. But if you’re going go in this direction of trash content, you’ve just lost the respect of a lot of us.

  14. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    well – in part seeing this reaction I do worry that overwhelmingly people were bothered by the title of the post – but NOT by the actual video. Am I assuming correctly?

    If the blog post title bothers many – I can be a little careful in the future. But then again do we shove these issues under the carpet hoping that it goes away? I dare say NO. I feel more committed at exposing these issues with the hope that other women can have the courage to stand up against these forms of sexual harassment. I say this as a man who respects the dignity of women in society, the title of the post may seem a little rated and after this debate I may try to be careful next time [I assure you online discussions can and will make a difference to anyone thoughts]

    Sexual harassment is nothing new, like it or not read this post on Pakspectator Pinching and Spanking Girls Bodies in Public Places where Amna shares her own personal experience – mind you I share this truly as a concerned citizen and not a pervert promoting porn stories.

    I agree with Malik [we might not agree on many things ;)]- that in an open society its important to highlight issues, and discuss them as civilized people.

  15. Saeen Avatar


    Please don’t start bashing Panjab now. I’m not from Panjab but don’t like stereotyping people.

    If you are from Sind, then I’m sure you are aware of the Autaq Culture too, where mothers and sisters know what their brothers are doing in the Autaq, but the shameless brothers still bring prostitutes.


    These people will come back to your site. THATS FOR SURE.

    Great job exposing this retard. I know the title and the video are a bit ODD, but its not as bad as the act of groping itself.

  16. M@ni Avatar

    “Such kind of acts are very popular in punjabs culture where frustrated men never miss a chance of such act”

    Simply Pathetic… you know what…
    yousaf raza gillani has just one instance like this but sherry rehman have dozens of pics and movies…

    so should i say girls of her province are sluts??

    Pathetic, never expected this comment from a literate observer.

  17. nazia Avatar

    To saeen and mani
    You look very hurt after hearing my punjabi point.For you information I am pure lahori and deep roots in culture but Its my confession about the cultural reality of punjab.While my stayed in Karachi, peshwar and in quetta too I never found such kinds of gesture common in the public places that are mentioned in this blog.Cheap comments,continous staring and touching of female bypassers is too much common in punjabi culture as compared to other major cities of Pakistan.In the start of my message I have already mentioned that if sherry rehman has no objection then why people are bothering to discuss such a medicore issue on such international blog.

  18. JinnahFan Avatar

    The idea that this is harassment is absurd, and Awab is trying to hide behind his hypocrisy. Do you think Sherry Rehman would sit there and be abused? I mean, most of the time you guys are referring to her with other pathetic labels that point towards her fierce independence.

    I find it absolutely LAUGHABLE that you are trying to posture yourself as a journalist by saying that you’re revealing the truth.

    Now that you have dedicated yourself to gutter culture, why don’t you post the OTHER videos by MQM that pertain to Imran Khan….I mean, if you like one of their hits, surely you would want to post another?

  19. M@ni Avatar

    when you say culture it means…
    every ritual and norm that punjabi follows are rooted with Pervert-ness .. correct me if i m wrong… coz thats what culture means to me.

    further i was born in lahore but my family is urdu speaking…and when i go to karachi i find they are ahead of us lahorites in these activities… but it does not mean i start abusing their culture…
    there are bad and good pplz in every society..

    yes we are hurt…coz you accused every body who lives in punjab.

  20. Ali Avatar

    You have insulted Bhutto’s enough, now you are arguing on these pathetic and ruthless thoughts of yours.
    Just wait for the right time Bastard, we wont let you go anywhere.

  21. MALIK AMAM Avatar

    Where r u guys from ?
    i think not from pakistan atleast because the way u talk abt punjab and sindh and baloch and sahrad.
    OR u guys r living in societies full of crap.
    we had a wedding two days ago in gujrat of a friend there were both urdu speaking punjabis and Phathans there . the interesting thing was that punjabis were speaking in phusto the urdu speaking and phathans were trying to speak in punjabi(we all had a great laugh on this).NO one from the outside could tell that who is who because we all were dressed in salwar qamiz.
    THE point is that we all share the same background and the roots of our culture r same .
    we do have bad things in our society but u can not name it as a culture and which culture doesn;t has this kind of things.
    i will be abused if u guys point out any province if u want to point to something bad reffer to it as e.g
    “it happens in pakistan”
    to nazia dont ever say that “Such kind of acts are very popular in punjab’s culture” instead u can say that
    “Such kind of acts are very popular in Pakistan’s culture”

  22. Mansoor Ali Khan Avatar

    Now that’s why i say Teeth is a neutral person 🙂

  23. Wajahat Avatar

    Dr Sahib

    Firstly Kudos for you for putting this up as it our right to see the mental levels of our future leaders. But I think everyone on this website has got it wrong. This was a simple sign of a Future Prime Minister, ‘pressing’ the Future Information Minister, for Information. Thats all there is to it.

    As Information Minister, Sherry Rehman is answerable to all the people of Pakistan. Therefore, we can by law ‘Press’ information minister for Information. Our PM made a start on showing how open our government will be to information disclosures.

  24. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    If the blog post title bothers many – I can be a little careful in the future.

    Hey guys this blog is owned by Dr.Awab. Why are you dictating him for something which is owned by Him?

    @Nazia: I think you are Right

  25. ARSLAN Avatar


  26. talwar singh Avatar
    talwar singh

    i think sherry wanted him to pinch her nipples but he didnt, so she looked at his hand with disgust when he only rubbed and did not pinch.

  27. kg Avatar

    @Mansoor Ali Khan,

    How did you find out ‘Teetho’ is NEUTRAL???

    I think teetho didn’t post this, until Zardari ran over some pominent PM-EXPECTEE, and appointed RG as the PM. Teetho didn’t want RG as the PM, so kind of a small protest.

    Tell me teetho…”Assumption is the mother of all the fu@kups” and I would strike out the assumption.

  28. Tuntematon Avatar

    Doodh ka Doodh – Pani ka Pani

  29. Rubina Shah Avatar
    Rubina Shah

    The PM Gillani intentionally tries to rub one of the breasts of Sherry Rahman, and she shows her anger and disgust. She looks at the rub of the PM continuously. God knows she might have enjoyed the rub.

  30. mehreen Avatar

    i wish i could know wot this man has in his mind. she should have slapped her twice. once from herself and second time from the whole nation. how can sexual harassment in dis country controlled, if da P.M himself does such activities.does it looks like that he belongs to such a noble family??!! pakistan ka allah hi hafiz!!

  31. shah1960 Avatar

    poori qom doob maro chaloo bhar pani me. ye he tumhara hal aor ye he tumhare leaders.sharam karo pakistanio. kia moo dekahaoge dusron ko jab tumhara apna ye hal he

  32. shima1960 Avatar



  33. lionel messi Avatar

    You pakistani mofos, no women will immediately remove the prime minister's hand.. she might have first thought that it was just unintentional from Gilani..

    see the next expression on her face.. she looks uncomfortable, and then she takes her hand towards gilani's hand to move it,but the video is then closed or cut down..

    Stop being so male chauvinist.. stop calling females who suffer sexual harassments sluts.. men are to be blamed..

  34. Iftikhar Ahmad Avatar
    Iftikhar Ahmad

    I think that Both were unconscious about wht was going on.