Court orders Police to Register FIR & Two Rangers posted out

In an order issued by the Sessions Court the Honorable Judge Abdul Rehman Bhatti has order the Mubina Police Station SHO to register an FIR as furnished by Dr. Riaz Ahmed. It is anticipated that Dr. Riaz will seek bail before arrest tomorrow on the false FIR lodged by the Rangers and then in turn will file his FIR at Mubina Police Station the following day.

More importantly a source and an avid reader of this blog has reported that the two Rangers who were involved in this incident have been posted from the Rangers Wing 73 which is posted at the University to another unit more specifically Wing 91 simply to avoid any embarrassing issues of arrest. While at the same time the two guards as of yesterday have also applied for a two month leave of absence. It seems like Rangers may actually be more worried about awkward repercussions then actually standing up to defend their FIR

While the internal politics within the University have made Khalid Iraqi a Professor of the Political Science Department as the Campus Secretary – under KUT’s pressure – the Rangers are blaming the Campus Security for the mishap while the Vice Chancellor received a call from Governor House and infamous Brigadier (r) Zamin to somehow pressurize Riaz and other KUTs teachers to break away



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6 responses to “Court orders Police to Register FIR & Two Rangers posted out”

  1. Toqeer Gilani Avatar
    Toqeer Gilani

    This is indeed a very shameful act on part of rangers deployed in Karachi University. This also shows the attitude and mental approach of our corps towards civilians. I mean, look at the situation. A senior professor who is a PhD in applied chemistry is severely beaten by some literally ignorant hawaldars and naiks. One can easily assess the situation that if teachers are subjected to such treatment then what would be the attitude of rangers toward students and employees of KU. The administration at KU has never showed any decent response to such incidents. They say that rangers are there to maintain peace and order at the campus. On the day when this shameful incident happened, there was a clash going on between two students groups. Rangers, instead of controlling that clash, were busy in beating Dr Riaz at silver jubilee gate who was asking them to open the gate so that he could go out of the campus. Could the campus officer tell what sort of law and order situation Dr Riaz was creating when he asked them to open the gate and allow him to leave the campus?
    I have never seen rangers been able to control clashes between students’ groups. Instead, they wait for the clash to happen and then intervene. In 2003 when I was a student at KU, me and four other friends of mine were attacked and severely beaten by a gang of fanatic students on two consecutive days and we never saw rangers coming to help us. Instead, the then colonel called me in his office and said that he couldn’t help us because the students’ advisor favored the gang. In 1999 the same gang killed a student in front of rangers and they were unable to save the innocent student. Clashes between students’ groups have become a sort of routine since the rangers were deployed at KU. Rangers are also unable to control thefts and mobile snatching inside and around KU campus. The presence of rangers at the campus also affects students, especially female students psychologically. They create an atmosphere of harassment, terror and insecurity among students which results in poor performance of students in class rooms. Education needs an environment of liberty and peace. Free and positive interaction of students and teachers can only happen in a free and positive environment. The newly elected democratic government has announced to lift ban on students unions. This is, indeed, a positive sign to create a healthy environment in educational institution in the country. I hope that Prime minister will, soon, announce a quick and complete withdrawal of rangers and other Paramilitary troops from KU and all other educational institutions of the country. I also demand a resign of campus security officer of KU and a trial of those who were involved in thrashing Dr Riaz.

    Dr Toqeer Hussain
    Ex-Student Karachi university

  2. Joseph Brewster Avatar
    Joseph Brewster

    Shame on the law enforcing yet lawless and unworthy punjabi rangers men beating a Ph.D. These law enforcing goons might not know the meaning of Ph.D because they are only primary pass rogues. Lodging an FIR is not a solution to this problem. Had they been well educated, this incident might not have happend. But alas! These rangers men belong to a category of punjabi hooligans who only know the language of violence. They should be treated like that way then only they’ll know the pain others feel when they ae beaten by other moslem brothers.

  3. yjan Avatar

    @Joseph Brewster:
    I have been posting in support for justice for the Professor but I dont think race of people or level of the education of those who perpetrate violence has anything to do with anything

  4. pjs Avatar

    In this andheer nagri and chaupat raj of Pirzada Qasim Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi only this kind of thing can happen

  5. m.rashid Avatar

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  6. m.rashid Avatar

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