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Peoples Resistance meets CM Sindh for Dr. Riaz

Today afternoon a delegation of the Peoples Resistance visited the Chief Minister house and met the CM Mr. Qaim Ali Shah in a one-on-one meeting to discuss at length the issue of Dr. Riaz Ahmed and his maltreatment at the hand of Rangers on March 31st. This meeting was hurriedly arranged by the members of the People’s Resistance as a few days prior the comments made by the prosecuting lawyer showed signs of serious concern. Additionally the Judge was also under pressure to decide the case very soon and in turn simply reserved his judgment till the following week

The prosecuting lawyer made claims of an uncooperative Dr. Raiz and requested the honorable judge to arrest the Professor. All these comments have generally alerted us to the urgency with which the administration / rangers want to finalize the case, it must be mentioned that Dr. Riaz has repeatedly tried to go to the Mubina Police Station to file his FIR as per the directive of the Session Court Judge but the Police has continued to delay it on one pretext after another. Dr. Riaz’s lawyer quoted two instances where Dr. Riaz was notified to reach the police station or inquiry committee several hours AFTER the time for investigation meeting had passed. In fact, realizing that a trap was being laid, Riaz had already given a written statement to the Chief Secretary’s inquiry committee mentioning the events and the fact that he could not appear for investigation as he was notified much later than supposed to.

Looking at these typical bureaucratic delay tactics employed by the administration, we at People Resistance were extremely concerned and hence requested the Chief Minister to step in and ensure justice is served. We were pleased to note that the Chief Minster was fully aware of the issue and had already started work on the matter and promised to act upon it urgently. During the meeting we were also able to raise the demand to demilitarize the University on which he mentioned of the steps he plans to take to soon ensure the sanctity of the educational institutes in his region

Dr. Riaz Update: Judgement reserved till Monday

Posted on the People’s Resistance network

There was a hearing of Riaz’s bail application in High Court on Friday. Typically, such hearings can take upto several months to complete. However, on Friday, the judge (current CJ SHC, Soomro) said he had to “issue an order today”.

The lawyer for rangers too insisted that the case be decided quickly. He also started pointing instances in which Dr. Riaz was, allegedly, “uncooperative” in investigations.

Riaz’s lawyer rebutted and denied these allegations. He quoted two instances where Dr. Riaz was notified to reach the police station or inquiry committee several hours AFTER the time for investigation meeting had passed. In fact, realizing that a trap was being laid, Riaz had already given a written statement to the Chief Secretary’s inquiry committee mentioning the events and the fact that he could not appear for investigation as he was notified much later than supposed to.
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Karachi University Professor granted ‘Bail before Arrest’

Dr. Riaz Ahmed, the Karachi University professor who was brutally manhandled by the Rangers and then accused of assaulting the armed personnel has just been given Bail before arrest.

The issue will now come to a showdown as it is expected that he will formally submit his application for registering an FIR at the Mubina Police Station tomorrow accusing the Pakistan Rangers Wing 73 of physically assaulting him and manhandling him on March 31st.

Court orders Police to Register FIR & Two Rangers posted out

In an order issued by the Sessions Court the Honorable Judge Abdul Rehman Bhatti has order the Mubina Police Station SHO to register an FIR as furnished by Dr. Riaz Ahmed. It is anticipated that Dr. Riaz will seek bail before arrest tomorrow on the false FIR lodged by the Rangers and then in turn will file his FIR at Mubina Police Station the following day.

More importantly a source and an avid reader of this blog has reported that the two Rangers who were involved in this incident have been posted from the Rangers Wing 73 which is posted at the University to another unit more specifically Wing 91 simply to avoid any embarrassing issues of arrest. While at the same time the two guards as of yesterday have also applied for a two month leave of absence. It seems like Rangers may actually be more worried about awkward repercussions then actually standing up to defend their FIR

While the internal politics within the University have made Khalid Iraqi a Professor of the Political Science Department as the Campus Secretary – under KUT’s pressure – the Rangers are blaming the Campus Security for the mishap while the Vice Chancellor received a call from Governor House and infamous Brigadier (r) Zamin to somehow pressurize Riaz and other KUTs teachers to break away

Dharna at Karachi University on Tuesday 8th April

Posted on the People’s Resistance network

In a meeting of the People’s Resistance today (6th April) at Aurat Foundation it was decided that the members of the civil society seriously condemn the recent incident where the Pakistan Rangers posted at the Karachi University brutality beat up a University Professor on 31st March, leaving him battered and bruised

To show their support and concern the Peoples Resistance along with other NGO’s, Civil Society groups and CMKP would join the Teachers and Students of Karachi University in a Dharna outside the Silver Jubilee gate of Karachi University on Tuesday 8th April 2008 at 12:30 PM to condemn mistreatment of Prof. Dr. Riaz Ahmed by the Pakistan Rangers a few days earlier. The Dharna would also demand an immediate withdrawal of all military & para-military personnel from the Karachi University campus.

LOCATION : Silver Jubilee Gate, Karachi University
DATE : 8th April 2008 (Tuesday)
TIME : 12:30 PM

A call is being issued to all concerned citizens of Karachi to join us in this protest and show their support for a respectable teacher & professor of the University while at the same time say NO to the presence of military forces in these educational institutes.

April 06 Update: Attack on Dr Riaz

Dr. Riaz’s lawyer filed a petition in the session’s court requesting that his client should be allowed to file an FIR against his attackers. The matter is pending before the court and a decision is expected on Monday the 7th of April when the bail hearing of Dr. Riaz will also be conducted.

In this regard it is imperative for political and civil society activists, teachers and other professionals, and concerned citizens in general to publicly condemn and protest against the treatment meted out to a renowned professor of Karachi University . It should be remembered that this incident should not be viewed in isolation for this issue is part of a wider malaise that afflicts our educational institutions as well as other organs of the state, owning to the endemic interference of the armed services in all aspects of public affairs in Pakistan . We call upon all concerned citizens to join us in discussing this issue further and in formulating a plan of action at the office of the Aurat Foundation at 5 pm, Sunday, the 6th of April. The address of the office is:

Aurat Foundation
6th April @ 5:00pm
D-3/1, Block-7KDA Scheme No. 5 Clifton ,
Karachi 75600 Pakistan – Tel: (021) 582 4694
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[Pictures] Update on Rangers assault on Karachi University Professor

It is just being reported that today late at night the rangers have finally been able to registered an FIR against Dr. Riaz for allegedly assaulting a Rangers officer (FIR # 73-08 Riaz Ahmed vs Anwar ul Haq at Mubina Town Police Station). The source is also reporting that just a few hours earlier (11:00pm) today Dr. Riaz suffered nausea and vomiting and was immediately rushed to the hospital and the doctors on duty have advised him an extensive CT scan which at 3:00pm is still underway. It is likely the Nausea and vomiting may have something to do with the extensive injury he received to his head after the battering served to him by the Rangers

A careful analysis of the situation has slowly developed. It all started on the afternoon of the 31st March where two student groups, which have surprisingly remained unnamed in the media [APMSO & PSF] [Student wings of MQM and PPP] had in effect a territory war on Karachi University. Sources say that it started off in the usual way [leave my girl friend alone argument] but developed into a bull blown battle. To control the deteriorating situation the University instructed the on duty Rangers to seal the campus preventing anyone to enter the premises, essentially to prevent the build up of supporters of the rival gangs from outside.

NOTE: One graphic picture after the jump please proceed carefully
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People’s Resistance demands immediate inquiry into Rangers’ maltreatment of Professor

The People’s Resistance, a coalition of pro-democracy individuals and organisations, strongly condemns and demands immediate inquiry into the manhandling and beating up of Dr Riaz Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry at Karachi University by Pakistan Rangers.

On Monday, March 31, Dr Riaz attempted to drive out of the campus from the Silver Jubilee gate. Rangers deployed in the campus had closed all entry and exit gates following a clash between two student groups and refused to open the gate for Dr Riaz’s car. After some harsh words they dragged him out of the car, abused him, kicked him with their boots, and severely beat him with their fists, batons and rifle butts. They dragged up to two meters in the presence of their Commandant Colonel Iftekhar. Students who tried to protect Dr Riaz were also injured. Some teachers and students took the injured professor to the Aga Khan Hospital where a medico-legal exam was carried out.

We demand:

  • An immediate, full-scale and high level inquiry into the incident
  • Removal of Rangers from university
  • The registration of an FIR against the Rangers involved in brutalising the Karachi University professor and the due process of law to punish the culprits.

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Update on the condition of Dr. Riaz – KU Teacher beaten by Rangers

I have just received an email from the family of Dr. Riaz Prof of Applied Chemistry who was beaten up by Rangers at Karachi University yesterday evening

He is better now and we just got back home. He has bruises on his back where the dandas hit him hard. He cant move his left arm though there is no fracture. He was also hit on his head- some 6 bruises. He bled slightly off these bruises. The dandas also hit his fingers, so hand is swollen as well. He will be on strong pain killers for next 5 days. Medico Legal was also done.

He was then taken to Agha Khan Hospital by a group of teachers and students. There is a lot of anger among student and teachers in Karachi University and they are demanding complete withdrawal of Rangers from Karachi University. Karachi University teachers Society (KUTS) has called a general body meeting on Monday at 11:00 a.m. Students and civil society groups have called for a protest at Karachi press Club (KPC) at 3:30 p.m.

We all naturally pray for his speedy recovery and stand resolute that the criminals (be it uniformed men) should be brought to justice.

Karachi University teacher severly beaten by Rangers on Campus

Dr Riaz — a member of International Socialists Pakistan (ISPak) and a professor at the University of Karachi (KU) — was severely beaten up an hour ago by Rangers personnel at KU.

There was tension throughout the day at Karachi University and all the gates were locked. The Rangers were seen to be in hiding as usual. By 05:00 p.m. Dr Riaz decided to leave for home. He reached the main (silver jubilee) gate of the university, and told the Rangers personnel there to open the gate so that he may leave. He’s a teacher and has the right to get gates opened. The Rangers personnel got abusive, pulled Dr Riaz out of the car, and started beating him up with the butts of their rifles and sticks. They kicked him with their boots as well. Please note that Dr Riaz was absolutely unarmed.
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